Western Orchestra

Short description

The western Orchestra of Bishop’s college consists of a group of talented instrumentalists who bring different genres of music ranging from Baroque to Pop, to life through their passion for music. 

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge               : Ms. Chathuri Ranasinghe 

Orchestra Conductor             : Nesangi Hemakumara

Orchestra Leader                    : Budheesha Jayawardena (Concert Master)



Since 1884, when Ms. Madden was principal, music was a part of the curriculum and bishopians were encouraged to learn instrumental music. This led to the addition of orchestral performances to the enrichment of students, during sister Leiticias time.

The Bishop’s College quartet playing at both the queen's house and broadcasting marked a highlight during Sister Mabel’s years.

In 1946 Mrs Scanlon, who was the senior music teacher and Mrs Spencer Sheppard who taught singing arranged for musical concerts to be broadcasted over radio ceylon.

And the chief minister of art Mr. Berlin, who thoroughly enjoyed the talents of the instrumentalists commented “I am very pleased with the results I have seen today. Some of the work was beautiful and some of the most stimulating came from quite young children ” which proves the high standards of the western orchestra since those days.

Major events

  • A chamber group makes their annual presentation at the school prize giving
  • ‘’TAJAASSA’’-  organized by the western music society of Bishop’s College in 2010 
  • “Instriago” - an instrumental competition organized by the Youth Music Council in 2010
  • The all island orchestra competition organized by the Ministry of Education in 2011
  • Played the overture for the musical Anne of Green Gables in March 2011
  • “Maestoso’11” -  organized by the Thomian Chamber Orchestra 
  • A Quintet performed at a cello workshop conducted by the American cellist Joshua Roman in 2011
  • “Vivace” - An indoor orchestra concert organized by the western music society of Ananda College in 2014
  • Trio in Harmony - a joint show with Ladies College and St.Thomas College in 2014
  • The Western Orchestra combined with the Eastern Orchestra  performed at “Guttilaya”which was held on the 7th of october 2016.
  • St. Margarets oration organized by the PPA and the 25th anniversary of the auditorium.
  • Breit’18 which was organized by the western music society of Bishop's college

Notable achievements-

In 2001 the western orchestra won 1st place at the all island western music and dance competitions organized by the Ministry of Education under the guidance of Ms. Antoinette Mendis.

Upcoming events- 

Our current project is to record an orchestral track of the national anthem which is hoped to be played at various school occasions afterwards.




25th Anniversary of the auditorium

St. Margaret's  oration

Pop band of Bishop’s College


The pop band of Bishop’s College was formed in the year 2017 under the name ‘Encore’.

Encore made its first appearance at the charity event “Ape Lanka 2017” followed by the outdoor music festival “Skyfall '' organized by Royal College. Encore was a finalist at VEVO’17. They performed at ‘Breit’18’ organized by the western music society and Band Heroes’18 organized by the Interact club and PTA of Bishop’s college. Encore won the award for the Best Girls beat band at “Vivace’18” which was organized by the Western music society of Ananda College.


Skyfall 2017

Band heroes 2018

Breit 2018

Vevo 2017