Western Band

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Tanya Alawatte

                                              Ms. Chathuri Ranasinghe

                                              Ms. Oshani Bastian

Band Leader               : Vishmi konara

Asst. Band Leader    : Amandhi Palihawadana   


Divided by section, united in harmony. The senior brass band of Bishop’s College functions as both a marching band as well as a concert band performing at both indoor and outdoor events within and out of school. The brass band seek to recruit to and develop young talent while also bestowing key qualities such as, perseverance, persistence, steely determination and patience etc. Fifty two years since its inception, the legacy of the Western Band will endure, moulding the path of young instrumentalists into great composers. 

History of the Western Band

When and why it was formed 

The western band was founded by Mrs. Hestia Abeysekara in March 1969. The band performed at school functions and was led by Crisantha Jacobs. The first band costume was a simple white jacket edged in purple and gold on top of the school uniform and a peaked white hat also edged in purple and gold to match.

The Senior Brass Band of Bishop’s College was founded in the year 1985 and it comprised of melodicas, flutes and recorders. In the year 1990, Mrs. Antoinette Mendis became our Teacher-in-charge and in 1996, Ms.Ajani Ranwela joined her to guide the Senior Brass Band. It was a fully-fledged Brass Band in 1997, with our Band Instructors Mr. T.A.Greasy and Mr. Thilak Thanthirige. The Senior Brass band comprised 30 talented members and approximately 15 members in the practicing pool.

Notable Achievements

2002 :- Placed first in the AIDS Walk organized by the Rotary Club of Colombo 

2004 :- Placed third in “Golden Vibes” organized by  D.S. Senanayake College

2006 :- Performed at the 10th South Asian Games

2007 :- Placed runner up at ‘Instriago’ organized by the Youth Music Council

2010 :- Emerged 1st runner up in the instrumental competition “Instriago”organized by the 

              Youth Music Council

2011 :- Received the best flute player and best clarinet player award at “Vivace Brass 2011”   

              The band emerged finalists in the same competition.

2015 :- Placed 2nd at “Vivacity Brass 2013” organised by Devi Balika Vidyalaya

2017 :-  Emerged Runner up at “ Vivace” organised by Devi Balika Vidyalaya

Major Events Held Throughout the Years

2006 :- Organized an Indoor Band Festival “Á Piaceré ” 

2007 :-  Organized an Outdoor Band Festival “Blended Beats” together with the hevisi band

2010 :- Organised “Blended Beats”

             The band Prashasthi” organized by the Senior Brass Band of Ananda College

             Performed at  “Ritmico Con Espressivo” organized by Muslim Ladies College

             Performed at   “Music of the night” organized by St. Thomas’ College.

2011 :- The Band participated at the Visaka Vidyalaya Band Show Illuminati’11

             Performed the drum festival “Fusion” organized by the Dancing society of Bishop’s 


             Performed at the Wesley College Brass Band show Pulse’11.

2012 :- Organized “Blended Beats 2012” 

              Performed at the “Purple Parade 2012”, “Spirit of SPM” organized by St. Paul's 


              Performed at “Prashasthi 2012” organized by the Senior Brass Band of Ananda 


2013 :- Band participated at “Vivacity Brass 2013” organised by Devi Balika Vidyalaya

              The band performed at the provincial athletic award ceremony and National School 

              Athletic meet. 

2014:- The Band participated at “Prashasthi” organized by Ananda College

             Performed at “Con Brio 3” Organized by Carey College

             The band organized and performed in the open air band show “Blended Beats 2014”


2015:- Performed in band shows “Prashasthi” organized by Ananda College

             Performed at, “Illuminati”  organized by Visaka Vidyalaya

2016 :- Participated in “Con brio” organized by Carey College

              Performed at “Spirit of SPM 2016” organized by St. Paul’s Girls School

     Performed at the thanksgiving service organized by the Youth Movement of the of Ceylon

2017 :- Performed at “Con Brio” organised by Carey College

              Participated in “ Con Bravura 2017” organised by Yasodara Vidyalaya

2018 :- Performed at “Musica Perpetua” organised by St. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia

            Performed at the “Appe Lanka” friendly cricket match organised by Bishop’s College

            Participated at “Con Fuoco III” organised by St. Joseph’s College

            Performed at “BREIT’ 18” organised by Bishop’s College

Recent Events 

2019 :- Performed at the Divisional athletics meet 

2020:- Performed at Pulse’ 20 organised by Wesley College


“Blended Beats 2014”

Divisional athletics meet 2019

“Con Brio 2016”

“Musica Perpetua 2018”

"BREIT’ 18”

Sports Meet’ 18