Scrabble is a fun and intellectually challenging word game played by children and adults all across the world. Combining vocabulary skills, strategy, and a dash of luck, Scrabble tests players’ ability to spot and create words while maximizing their scores.

Here at Bishop’s College, we have received the privilege to have Scrabble as one of the 15 sports available at our school. Our Scrabble team has received many opportunities to represent our school in various competitions conducted across the country.

Our goal for our team is to help them improve their game strategies while learning new vocabulary and developing their mental and social skills. Most importantly we hope to make this a fun experience for our players where they can meet new friends and make lifelong connections.

Following are some of the tournaments our team has taken part in:

  • Nalanda College Online Scrabble Bingo Tournament 2022
  • St. Thomas College Mount Lavinia Scrabble Bash 2022
  • Ladies College Scrabble Day 2022
  • Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation Scrabble Bash 2022
  • Sri Lanka Scrabble League May Scrabble Bash 2023

Achievements – 2022/2023


  • Participated in the Ladies College Scrabble Day’22.
    Elizabeth Ganesh (under 18 category) and Shenella Perera (under 15 category) received spot prizes respectively.
  • Participated in the St. Thomas College Scrabble Bash’22.


  • Participated in the Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation Scrabble Bash 2023.
  • Participated in the May Scrabble Bash organized by the Sri Lanka Scrabble League.
  • Organized a friendly scrabble match against the students of Kelaniya University.
  • Participated in the 33rd All Island Schools Age Group Championship, Western Province Qualifier – 2023.
    Benali Sakalasooriya was placed 9th in the under 13th category,
    Elizabeth Ganesh was placed 19th in the under 18 category,
    Both players qualified for this regional tournament receiving the opportunity to take part in the finals.
  • Participated in the All Island Age Group Championship 2023.
Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Deenah Riyaz Sangani

Vice Captain

Aathifa Ameen

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Tharanga Ranasinghe
Ms. Suhashini Sendooram
Ms. Vinodhini Ratnakumar