The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Contrary to common belief, athletics is often associated solely with individual events. However, this perception does not hold to be true. At Bishop’s College, our athletics team emphasizes the significance of collective effort and team building. We strongly believe that the strength of the team lies in the unique abilities and contributions of each team member, while simultaneously empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Our dedicated coaches are committed to pushing the limits of every athlete, motivating them to unlock their inherent capabilities. To achieve this, our athletes train diligently on the school grounds every Tuesday and Thursday. Through hard training, we strive to strengthen our team and achieve remarkable results.

Our team at Bishop’s College achieved remarkable success last year, attaining numerous significant accomplishments. Bishop’s College was placed second overall in the first stage selection of the 47th National Games, 2022. We were was also placed third overall at the Zonal Athletic Meet 2022.

Amongst many such accolades is Ovini Chandrasekera. She was placed first in Shot Putt, creating a new meet record of 12.72m at the All Island School Games in 2022. Ovini was also placed first in Discuss Throw and second in Javelin. 15 year old, Tejani Peiris was also placed first in Shot Putt and third in Discuss Throw.

It is clear that Athletics play a major role in creating a sense of pride for our school and we hope that we can continue to inspire and encourage many such opportunities for our students to shine.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Athini Jayanetti

Vice Captain

Tejani Peiris

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms.Sanjeewani De Silva
Ms.Sallini Manikkavasagar
Ms.Vasuki Thureichelwam
Ms.Ruth Nebo Rajkumar