Sinhala Literary Union - Junior

The mission and vision of this association is to direct and  improve the Sinhala language and Sinhala literature skills  of the students of the Bishop's College. 

Sinhala Society 2021 

Teacher In-charge-Mrs. Diloshinee Wasingha.  Mrs. Samitha Mahakumarage.  Mrs. Dilhani Peris. 

President- Sithuli Samaranayaka. 

Vice President- - (No) 

Secretory- Binuli Heendeniya. 

Treasurer- Malinsa Perera.

History of the society 

The activities of the Junior Sinhala Literary Association were  resumed in the year 2010 under the leadership of the Principal  Hemamali Bibile.

Lalitha JayAsinghe has been named as the Teacher Advisor of that year. Junior Sinhala Literary Association the President was  Ranmalee Nanayakkara and the Secretary was Rebecca Fonseka. 

Thereafter, the students were nominated for the posts of  President, Secretary and Treasurer to continue the work of the  Association each year.In awarding these posts, they also consider  the services rendered by the association and their scores and  submissions.

Recent Events and meetings.  

The Monthly Meeting for the Junior Section on the occasion of  the 62nd Independence Day Celebrations held in February 2010  was chaired by the Junior Sinhala Literary Association. Many  years since then, monthly meetings for Independence Day  celebrations have continued. 

This was followed by the Sinhala New Year 2018 and 2019 

Monthly meetings were held in a lively manner by the Junior  Sinhala Literary Association. 

The monthly meeting of the junior section was held under the  patronage of Mrs. Jayanthi kuru - Utumpala on the occasion of  Women's Day which falls on March 6 th 2020. There she shared  her experience of climbing Everest with the junior students.


  • Sinhala Oratory Competition (via Zoom ) 2021,  Held on 8th July 2021

The following competitions are organized by the Junior Sinhala Literary  Association at the inter-house level every year to showcase the talents of  the students. 

The essay competition and the short story competition will be held in the  first term. 

In the second term, Extempore, a spelling B and Oratory competition will  be held. 

The debate will be held in the third term. 

External judges will be involved in judging these competitions. 

All competitions will be divided into first, second and third place and  those victories will apply to the house of the students who secured those  places. 

Certificates and prizes will be awarded at the school prize giving ceremony  for the first place winners of the competitions held in the Junior Sinhala  section.