Science and Maths Society

The Senior Science and Mathematics Society provides a platform to students, who are interested in Science, Technology and Mathematics fields to develop their skills, widen their knowledge and to embrace their passion towards these sectors. The main objective of this society is to train the members to look at the world from a different perspective by laying the foundation for new ideas and honing their scientific, technological and mathematical knowledge.

“The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

 Edward Teller

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Anushka Kawirathne

                                              Ms. Gomi Siriwardena

                                              Ms. Dilini Vithanage 

                                              Ms. Nishanthi Yahampatharachchi 

President                      : Umaiyall Thuraichelvan 

Vice President            : Kithmi Marambe

Secretary                      :  

Treasurer                     : Tharanya Thatparan


History of the Science and Mathematics Society

Though there is no exact date for the founding of the Science and Mathematics Society of Bishop’s College, its origins go all the way back to 1949. 

Notable achievements

Annual Quiz Competition by St. Thomas’ College 2010;

  • Team comprising Udara Lokugamage, Sahani Somarathna, Sushmika Ramesh, Priyanka Bastianpillai and Raneesha Kasthuriarachchi was placed first at this competition

Hindu Ladies College Science Quiz, Impromptu Science Speech and Science Essay Competition 2010;

  • Thadchajini Karunainathan, Jithmi Fernando, and Ishara Moulana emerged runners up in the Science Quiz Competition
  • Priyanka Bastianpillai and Rashmi Dias were placed first and second respectively in the Impromptu Science Speech Competition
  •  Auchithya Weerasinghe won first place in the Science Essay Competition 

Inter School Quiz Competition organized by Carey College and St. Thomas’ College 2012;

  • In this competition, both the Junior and Senior teams were placed first.

Inter school science quiz organized by the International Medical University 2016;

  • Two teams took part in the where team B comprising of Swathijah Thyagaraja, Shalonica Jeevanathan, Ashfika Hallaj and Amna Raheem earned Gold Medals.

Young Environmentalists’ Challenge 2021

  • Ulindu Fernando , Kiyara Fernando , Shenali Fernando and Manuthi Weerasinghe participated in the “Young Environmentalists’ Challenge” organized by Royal Institute Colombo together with Deakin University Australia and emerged champions in the International round

Major events held throughout the course of the years

Some of the notable events the Science and Mathematics Society has taken part in, can be reviewed as follows; 


  • The Science society is recorded for having their meeting 


  • An exhibition of Science was organized at the Fair for the centenary celebrations of Bishop’s College


  • A Science Day was organized
  • An Inter-School Science Quiz was held along with a workshop on Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology for the Advanced Level students


  • A practical workshop was held for the students of Grade 11, aiming to cover the practicals that should be conducted within the course of 2 years.
  • Organized the assembly for the month of July, under the theme ‘Genetic Engineering’. The speaker was Dr. Neil Fernandopulle.
  • Science day ‘Genosis’ was also held under the theme of genetic engineering. The chief guest was Mr. Vajira Dissanayake and Guest of honour was Mr. Anil Jayasekara
  • A science exhibition was also organized.


  • A farewell was organized for the outgoing committee and the 2010 AL Science batch.
  • Grade 13 students attended “Elixir’10”, the annual science exhibition of Ananda College.
  • An exhibition was held under the theme ‘The future…. Is here’, focusing on NanoTechnology, modern techniques used in medicine and astrophysics


  • Grade 13 students took part in the Science Exhibition organized by Hindu Ladies College, and took part in many other inter school competitions and Science days.
  • A notice board for the Science Society was installed


  • Career Guidance seminar was held for students of Grade 12 & 13, conducted by Ms. Tharindra Panduwawela
  • Junior Science Exhibition and the model competition were held, a fun – day was also organized for the members of the Science Society.
  • Took part in the “Science Day” celebrations organized by Carey College, Musaeus College and St. Thomas College, and ‘Paranormal Day’ Organized by Nalanda College.
  • A Science Exhibition was held.


  • Students of Grade 11 -13 attended the Science Exhibition of Ladies’ College, and the members took part in various science days and competitions in various schools.
  • Science Day was held under the theme ‘Go Green’, educating students on global warming and methods to live an eco-friendly life.
  • Inter house Science Quiz was held with Henley house emerging Champions. 


  • A series of seminars were organized for the A Level students on Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths
  • Took part in Science days and competitions hosted by Visakha Vidyalaya, Musaeus College, St. Thomas College, and took part in a biology seminar organized by Ananda College.
  • An inter house Science Quiz was organized for A Level Students.
  • A Science Day “Zientia - 2014” was held under the theme “Genetics”


  • ‘Exsanthro’, an Inter School Science Quiz was organized where Ananda College emerged winners, followed by lectures on Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Combined Maths.
  • Took part in the Science days organized by Musaes College, Visakha Vidyalaya and Isipathana College.
  • “Aurora – Follow your curiosity” A science exhibition was organized and day under the theme ‘Astronomy’
  • A Fun Day was also organized. 


  • The Annual Inter House Science Quiz took place with Ford House emerging as Overall Champions.
  • A Career Guidance Programme was organized.
  • Took part in events such as the Inter School Essay Competition and Math Relay organized by the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine, and the Thought Leadership Award organized by La Trobe University of Australia


  • ‘Science and Mathematics Day 2017’ was organized focusing on the significance of Science in our Practical Lives for students of grade 9 – 11, with Professor Sithy Iqbal as the guest speaker.
  • Inter House Quiz Competition was organized where Ford house and Chapman House emerged Champions.
  • Took part in various inter school competitions and Science and Mathematics days organized by Devi Balika Vidyalaya and Carey College. Also participated in ‘Stat Circle’ organized by the University of Colombo.


  • The Society organized seminars for the A Level students.
  • The Annual Science and Mathematics day was held under the theme “Interstellar”, with the guest speaker Dr. Thusitha Sugathapala.
  • Participated in the Mathematics Quiz Competition organized by Musaeus College.

Recent events and meetings


  • A motivational workshop was organized for all A Level Science students, with Ms. Senela Jayasuriya and Ms. Charindie Pieris, to help students build self confidence and perform their best in the A Level examination.
  • Remedial teaching of maths for selected students in Grade 10 took place in two phases in September and November.
  • A Scientific Session on ‘Innovative Thinking’ was held for students from grade 9 and upwards, to guide students to start thinking in various new ways.


  • Organized the school’s first general assembly for the year 2020, with a lecture conducted by the guest speaker, Mr. Jehan Wijesinghe.
  • An Ice Cream Sale was organized during sports meet heats.
  • A virtual meeting was conducted to educate the science students on the careers, future challenges and interesting aspects in the Science field with the courtesy of Dr. (Ms.) Randara Pullukkody.
  • A Quiz on Science and Technology was organized.


  • Organized a webinar on “The Beauty of Chemistry in Perfumery and Cosmetics”. The guest speakers were Dr.(Ms.) Randara Pullukkody and Ms. Melani Fernando. 


   Science Exhibition 2014

Young Environmentalists’ Challenge 2021 organized by Royal Institute Colombo and Deakin University Australia  

Paranormal Day 2012 organized by Nalanda College