Science and Mathematics Society - Junior


 “Encourage maths & science through critical thinking & creativity.”


 “To encourage our little scientists & mathematicians to bring out their best with confidence & knowledge.”

We,the Jr: Science & Mathematics Society focus on the students from Gr 6-8 who are keen on  Science & Maths by leading them to the fields of Mathematics and Science through better understanding and greater confidence.We strive to enhance the learning ,understanding and discipline in an interesting whilst enjoying as well as trying to develop qualities like creativity, imagination,dedication and participation. We always believe that “Mathematics & Science is the key to the entire universe.”


Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Sulakshana Ariyaratne

                                              Ms. Thilini Thilakshana

                                              Ms. Ruby Kandaiah

                                              Ms. Thushani Perera 

President                      : Shaneli Peeris

Vice President            : Yoshani Ukwatta

Secretary                      : Deena Sangani 

Treasurer                     : Janithri Molligoda


History of the Society

  • Year the Society was formed - 2014 
  • Why the Society was formed -To enhance knowledge of science and maths for the middle school students as well as to  develop good qualities like unity ,participation ,teamwork , skill development  and to broaden the little  minds on science and mathematics in an easy and friendly manner by using new methods like educational games and quizzes.

Notable achievements

1)The 1st event which was held in 2014 by the Jr Science & mathematics society was an exhibition, viewed by the entire school. An invitation was extended to a few surrounding schools as well.

2) A successful fundraiser was also organized in the year 2015 to collect money for projects that had been planned to complete during the year.

3) In the year 2018, the society organized a presentation based competition named “Knowledge hub” to broaden the knowledge on Science. Gr 6B was placed 1st and 6A was placed 2nd grades 7D & 8B were tied for 3rd place.

4) In 2018, 20 members of the Jr: Science and mathematics society participated in a competition organized by Vishaka Vidyalaya titled “renovatio ’18” to commemorate science day. Imaya Perera and Vidara Dassanayaka were placed 2nd & 3rd respectively in the poetry category.

Major events held throughout the years

1) In 2014 grade 7s were given the opportunity to visit the planetarium and gather more knowledge about the outside world.

2)In the year 2015, the society was able to get down ‘Vision care opticians’ to hold a program about scientific facts about one’s vision and how to take care of it. The students were given the opportunity to clear their doubts and freely ask questions. A free eye checkup was held at the ‘mobile vision care’ for the staff and was given an opportunity to buy spectacles and sunglasses at a discounted rate.

3) In 2016 grades 6,7 and 8 were taken on an educational trip to ‘Nature's beauty creations. LTD’ and learnt how cosmetics are manufactured using indigenous plants of Srilanka & had an enjoyable day.

4)During the year 2017, the Jr Science & Mathematics society visited a science exhibition organized by ‘Methodist college’ where the students gathered a vast knowledge regarding science while having an enjoyable day.

5) During 2018 the students were given the opportunity to visit ‘link natural products Pvt Ltd ’ where the students were educated on how their products are being made, including a 20min interactive presentation on ‘Link’ and their products. 

Next, they had paid a visit to the ‘Fonterra factory’ where they were able to see how their products are being made and the machinery used to make these products as well as their functions.

To end the year the society organized an excursion for grades 7s & 8s to visit the Colombo museum.

6) The society organizes annual quizzes and exhibitions based on science and maths throughout the years. 

Recent events 2020-2021

  • During the year 2020, a general assembly for the whole middle school was held under the title “stem robotics” where the students gained a vast knowledge on the stem program and were able to witness some creations done by the inventors.
  • Later that year there was a fruit juice sale organised to   collect money to donate plants to the “Wilpattu reforestation program”
  • To end 2020 the society had organized a workshop based on the topic “nanotechnology”
  • In 2021 the society organized an educational game named “Scientifico zoom out” based on science for grade 6.

Upcoming events

  • We are planning on having a virtual science and maths based educational game for the grade 7s as well as a quiz for the grade 8s based on Science & Mathematics.
  • We are hoping to arrange a science invention competition for grades 6-8 within the course of the challenging year 2021.
  • Pictures of events done by the Jr: Science & Maths Society