Red Cross Society


Through various projects and events, The Red Cross Society of Bishop’s College is bringing its members together in order to develop our knowledge regarding the Red Cross, while constantly aiming to develop the growth of our society. We strive to work towards the betterment of the society every day through the wonder of service.


The mission of the Red Cross Society of Bishop’s College is to do everything in our power to improve the quality of life of those who do not possess the power to do so themselves. We strive to serve the society by helping all those who are unable to fend for themselves.


Our vision is to take the society to a higher standard through charity events, educational programs and development projects, all the while, serving the society. We desire to bring our society up to the level where we can influence and motivate all students to give back something to the world.

Teachers-in-charge and Office bearers for the year 2021



Ms. Koshala Ellegedara

Ms. Jayani Mendis

Ms.Dilki Rathnayake

Vaisalini Kumaran- President

Suwasthika Thuraiananthan  - Secretary

Selina Jayatilake  - Vice President

Jameela Altaf Jabir- Treasurer



  • The Red Cross Society was first mentioned in historical records in 2006.



  A First Aid demonstration was held with the help of the Red Cross Colombo City branch and a medical awareness camp was held at Ambalangoda to treat over 200 patients.



  • First aid workshops
  • Youth camp on first aid training
  • First aid was given during the LC BC hockey encounter and the Blended Beats band festival.
  • Donations were made to an elders home as well as to an orphanage.
  • Membership badges were distributed at the end of the year.



  • We painted the beds and cupboards of the infirmary in Bishop’s   


  • 21st October - First aid training program. (Presentation programme for the members of the Red Cross Society of Bishop’s College on the different projects conducted by other Red Cross societies nationally

          as well as internationally.)



  • A First Aid training program was held by nurse Maraiah Thamil from the

          Durdans Hospital.


          October :

  • A workshop was held in order to enlighten the members of

          the Red Cross Society of Bishop’s College about all the Red Cross

          Societies in Sri Lanka.

  • Started a project to maintain a first aid box in every grade at Bishop’s College.



  • First Aid camps were held in concurrence of Medical Teams
  • International, a non-governmental organization working for the  
  •  promotion of Red Cross Society’s ideals.



  • A First aid workshop was held with Ms. Vanlendanberg (principal of the nursing school at Lanka hospitals) as the guest speaker.
  • A First aid training on the methods of bandaging was organized.
  • First aid boxes were donated to various classes of Bishop’s College.



  • First aid workshops conducted by Ms. Lillian Jayaweera.(the director who trains the Saukyadara movement).
  • Donated medicine to the school infirmary.
  • First aid was provided during the BC walk and the annual sports meet.



  • 28th January - First aid workshop. Guest speaker - Major E.W.A Gamini Gunasinghe.(Assistant Commissioner of the National Headquarters of the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade).
  • First aid was provided at the annual sports meet.
  • A sweet and savoury sale was held in order to collect funds to donate to a cancer hospital.
  • 8th October - The Annual Red Cross activity day was held.



  • The Red Cross Society supported the school throughout the year during

          events such as Blended Beats, The Annual Sports Meet and Band    Heroes.

  • Held a sweet and savoury sale to provide medicines to the

           school sick room.


  • 28th May- Visited the Sunshine Elder’s Home in Moratuwa


  • 21st June- A First Aid workshop was held with Mrs. L.G. Jayaweera,

           a girl guide trainer, as the guest speaker.

  • October- ‘La Sonte’ (A fun day on health education).




  • Held a sweet and savoury sale to raise funds and provide basic medicines for the school sick room.
  • 21st May - Organized our Annual Activity Day with Dr. Thushantha Wijesinghe as the guest speaker.
  • July- Organized the General Assembly where a brief idea about safety

         precautions were given.

  • 9th October - Organized a programme for the support staff of our school on basic first aid.



  • Organized our Annual Food Sale
  • 4th July- Organized a joint project with the Social Service Club and

         visited the Nalawa College in Ibbagamuwa.

  • 2nd of July- Our Annual Red Cross Day was held, where 15 schools

         were invited. A lecture on basic first aid along with fun activities was


  • 8th of October- Visited the Sunshine Elder’s Home


  • Held our Annual Food Sale.
  • 28th February - Held a First Aid seminar.
  • Unity ‘17- A joint project with the Red Cross Society of  Royal College to focus on the ideas of the Colombo Schools’ Red Cross Units to conduct better community projects.

Phase 1- 16th May- Inaugurated Red Cross Societies in schools that did not have one.

Phase 2 - 24th June- Conducted a forum amongst the Red Cross Units of Colombo Schools to share ideas and experiences.


  • 24th of October -The Annual Activity Day, Imperium ‘17, was organized with Mr. Dilshan Gamalathge, a senior lecturer at the 1990 ambulance service, as the guest speaker.


  • Held our Annual Food Sale to contribute to the St. Margarets’ Convent Sale.
  • 1st June - Visited the Gunasekara Elders home to supply necessities.
  • 5th April - Organized a joint project with the social service club to go to the Mathugama primary school to donate equipment for a sick room.
  • 18th September - Visited the sunshine elders home to provide necessities.
  • 30th October - Held our Annual Activity Day.
  • Throughout the years, the Red Cross Society has supported the school in many events, providing medicines and taking care of our students, especially during the Annual Sports Meet.

Recent Events


  • Supported the school during the sports meet and organized a drinks

          sale during the Annual Sports Meet heats.

  • 28th February- Visited the Chandrani’s Elders Home.
  • Aid’19- Activity Day


  • Organized a Food Sale during the Sports Meet heats.
  • 15th of August- The members of the Red Cross Society and the Health and Environmental Society, painted the emergency evacuation signs in the school premises.


  • A webinar,“Empathy”, was organized for the members of the Red Cross society as well as invited members of other clubs in Bishop’s College. The webinar targeted mental health. The guest speaker was Dr. Dilhara Abhayratne, a clinical psychologist, who spoke on various topics.


  • 1st July - We organized a webinar along with the History Society,  Combat Covid - 19, with Dr. Priyankara Jayawardene as the guest speaker.


2019-The Annual Activity Day- Aid’19 

           2017- The Annual Activity Day- Imperium'17

2018- The students of the Mathugama Primary school.(Where we donated the items necessary for a sick room along with the Social Service Club)