Sisters of St.Margaret’s Convent Project

2023 Update

The Annual St. Margaret's Sale 2023

Bishop’s College, an educational institution steeped in history aims to give back to those who were the building roots of this prestigious institution. The Sisters of St. Margaret’s Convent played a pivotal role in the inception of Bishop’s College and to express gratitude, an annual sale termed “The St. Margaret’s Sale” is hosted at the St. Margaret’s Convent. The past few years have undoubtedly been a strenuous period for us Sri Lankans owing to the global pandemic resulting in the inability to host the sale. However, this year the Bishop’s College hosted it at a smaller scale and hopes to build on it in the years to come.

The St. Margaret’s Sale was held on September 16, 2023, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the St. Margaret’s Convent Polwatte. The staff and students arrived at the convent after the conclusion of Apoorva, a dance show organized by the Tamil Dance Society of Bishop’s College. At the event, a culmination of clubs and societies namely the Interact Club, French Club, Student Christian Movement, Social Service Club,
General Knowledge Club, Commerce and Young Entrepreneurs Society, Global Spectrum, Humanity First Society, Health and Environmental Society, Tamil Literary Association and Home Science Society hosted a stall inclusive of food items and games. Moreover, the Primary, Middle school and Upper school sold miscellaneous requirements at the sale. The crowd enjoyed the event with a glimpse of music with the DJ organized by the Prefects Guild of Bishop’s College. Additionally, the students at Bishop’s College host a “class sale” in the interval whereby each class ranging from the primary section to the upper school brings a variety of sweet and savory items and sells it at the red corridor to students and staff of the college. This usually takes place in the second term and each class is assigned a day to proceed with the sale.

On the 15 th of October 2023, upon celebrating Teacher’s Day, the proceeds of approximately LKR 2.5 Million were handed over to Sister Chandrani at the Teacher’s Day lunch. Bishop’s College takes this opportunity to express its heartfelt appreciation to the Sisters of St. Margaret’s Convent for their never- ending support and dedication provided to this prestigious institution. You are the unsung heroes of Bishop’s College, always and forever.