Integrated Learning Environments

The New Mathematics lab

The ‘Math Lab’ was opened on the 2 nd of March 2023 and was partly funded by the Past Pupil’s Batch of 1989. The Board of Governors initiated this endeavour as many students show an aversion

to the subject of Mathematics, partly due to the disinterest in the subject caused during the COVID- 19 pandemic. For this to change, schools took it upon themselves to build the love and curiosity towards the subject of Mathematics and this led to the construction of the Math Lab. Here, no lessons are permitted to be held and instead, Mathematics is made fun, and, is taught through various games. This Lab is open to both the Primary and the Upper school and has led to students being more interested in learning the subject compared to the past. Apart from the lab, to further prioritise the subject of Maths, different Mathematical theories have been designed and placed all around the school on steps and murals of the walls on the playground. This unconsciously helps students remember their Times Tables. Additionally, in the Primary section, all classes now consist of a designated Maths Corner which students can use to further enhance their minds and learn more about the subject.

Different Gardens

Post-COVID, our principal insisted on wanting to create a pleasant environment for the staff and students of Bishop’s College. This led to an array of garden projects arising, which were all supported by Past Batches who reached out wanting to help uplift the school.

For 19 years, E. Sellamuttu, also referred to as Oliver in our school community, worked tirelessly to maintain the garden and pond, where raising different specimens for lab experiments was his primary responsibility. For this reason, this garden was called “Oliver’s garden”. The Oliver’s Garden project was designed and headed by architect Thameesha Eliyapura, Head Girl of 2014 and the landscape was coordinated by the Prefect Guild of 2018. The new and improved area now includes a fountain, human checkers board, hopscotch area, fish tanks and benches.

The idea of the Butterfly Garden arose in November 2021. This was followed by the designing, developing and preparing process in December 2021 and was finally created in January 2022 headed by Dr. Dulekha Kasturiratne, Head Prefect of 1997 and supported by Piyangika Kasturiratne and Namala Kasturiratne. 30 different types of Butterflies flutter inside our Butterfly Garden located in a small space between the Bawa Block and back of the school auditorium and is known to be a place of peace, reflection, calm and knowledge for anyone who visits.

In addition to the aforementioned, the Educational Support Unit was the exclusive user of the Sensory Garden, which was established in June 2022 and funded by the Past Pupils Batch of 2006. To add some colour and vibrancy to the lengthy walk along the red corridor, Miss Virginia Talpawila and Miss Fadhiya Rahmatulla Saleem completed building the Rock Garden in March 2022. In July 2022, the Herbal Garden, which is also situated in the red corridor, was established to increase awareness around the school. The Parent Teachers Association’s Environmental and Sub-Committee finished installing air purifying and mosquito-repelling plants in the troughs near the Bawa Block in August 2022. A group of former students provided funding for the Bawa Block, which was finished in August 2022. The Past Pupils Batch of 2009 finished the Gardens near the Maintenance Department, and they were finished in August 2022. Our very own Global Spectrum Club finished their project, the Garden Area outside the Art Room, in September 2022. 

Further, the 2010 Past Pupils Batch is supporting an upcoming project that will beautify the pathway leading to the Main Hall. 

Apart from the recently developed gardens, new playgrounds were constructed and those that already existed were improved to accommodate all elementary, middle, and upper school students. These can be found behind the O/L Building, behind the KG Hall, behind the tennis court close to the Bawa Block and in The Grounds.