Primary School

The primary community which spans from grade 1 to 5, boasts of 600 plus energetic 6 to 10 year olds.

It contains 25 classrooms from grades one through five, with 5 parallel classes in each grade.

The curriculum set by the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka is followed with English Language being introduced from Grade one and taught using added teaching and learning methods.

The medium of instruction remains either Sinhala or Tamil as per the government requirement.

A wide range of co-curricular activities and holistic attitudes are initiated to inculcate good values to produce well-adjusted young Bishopians who will walk through the hallowed halls and emerge as responsible citizens of Sri Lanka and the world to live up to the motto ‘NON SIBI SED OMNIBUS’ Not for self but for all.

Our Support staff who keep the facilities clean and tidy and help the children in the washrooms are an admirable band of people ever ready to oblige with a smile. They are a valuable asset to the school.

There is never a dull moment as the girls involve themselves in the many events that make up the term. For instance the Trinity term that concluded had many such events.


The Parents Day and Art Exhibition

At this event the parents get a “one on one “with the class teacher and the subject teachers to discuss Assements, General progress or any other topic regarding their daughter. Parents’ day is held every term along with an exhibition which showcases the children’s creativity.


The Great Primary Cook Out

The Great Primary Cook out was a blast! Each grade drew up a menu, got the ingredients together and dressed up in aprons and chefs’ hats. They cut, chopped, prepped and plated delicious fair that would put Master Chef Australia to shame.


The PTA Fund Raiser was an extra event. Where the privileged Primary was called in to contribute their talent to raise funds for school development projects. The show was named “Follow Me”. While show casing the talented young Bishopian’s, the world famous “De Lanerolle Brothers” volunteered their time and energy to give the concert the extra glamour and glitter.

“Primary shines” in which every single girl from Grade 1 to 5 took to the stage like “ducks to water” saw some amazing talent and future prospects for the school.

Generally most of the Trinity Term is dedicated to raising funds to show gratitude to the Sisters of St. Margaret’s for the yeomen service they rendered to our school so many years ago. This culminates in the St. Margaret’s Fair. Raffle draws, Bring and buy sale, Sari sales and the Lucky Dip stall are activities organized exclusively by the Primary to raise funds. A substantial amount is collected annually and included in the schools’ total.


The co-curricular activities such as

  • Swimming
  • Mini Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Badminton
  • Little Friends
  • Guidin