Photography Club

The Photography club aims to bring together budding photographers, and further develop their passion, creativity and eye for detail in many ways. Being one of the school's youngest clubs, we strive to widen an interest in this art among many here at Bishop’s College!

Office Bearers and TICs:

President- Kiyara Fernando

Secretary- Inuli Seneviratne

Vice President- Divna Fernando

Treasurer- Ruhini Rupasinghe


Ms.Chathurani Hewawithana

Ms.Minoshi Nannayakkara

Mr.Shanaka Perera


  • The Photography Club was inaugurated at Bishop’s College in January 2015. This club was formed by a group of photography enthusiasts who wanted to spread their love for this art all throughout the school.
  • As the first achievement of the newly inaugurated club, the founder President, Senuri Seneviratne, was chosen the overall winner and was awarded the Gold Medal in the Colour Category of “Photocause and Friends”, a photographic competition organized by the Cancer Society of Sri lanka.
  • The very first project we organized was a Photography competition in 2015 itself, which was executed with the contribution of a number of students. Afterwards the Photography club has continued to organize and take part in numerous different Photography competitions, by many organizations.
  • 2020 marked an important time in our calendar as the club was able to create and introduce our very own logo for the first time in history. The Club took the initiative to broaden the club’s activities by organizing a monthly exhibition displaying pictures taken by our members on the Red Corridor Notice Boards.

Recent events

  • Despite the numerous challenges faced by us during the year 2021 amidst the pandemic, the club was able to initiate our first ever virtual photographic workshop and competition named “Pixels’21”. The project was conducted in two phases. Phase One comprised of a workshop which was conducted by Ms. Senuri Seneviratne, the founder President of the Club, who shared her experience in the field of photography as a photography enthusiast. Phase Two was a Photographic Competition, where we received approximately 300 photographs, which helped us discover the hidden talents of many participants.
  • We are honored to say that one of our club members Ruaani Rajapakse was placed first in a Photography Competition organized by the Australian High Commission.
  • Students of our club also took part in “Capture Quiz’21” and “WildEye’21” organized by the Royal College Photographic Society, to broaden our knowledge on photography, and showcase the talents of our members.
  • Enigma’ 21, a competition based on letter photography, was organized last year to enlighten our members’ eye for photography. Participants were given a letter to capture in their environment that ultimately revealed a phrase that remained a secret to them until now. The phrase that was compiled was “Expose the Mystery.