Efforts to counter the Dengue Epidemic

Measures taken to prevent Dengue Epidemic

If you are a regular attendee of the PTA meetings, you will know the measures taken by the school in order to keep our premises free of this dreaded mosquito.

Listed below are the measures already taken

  • Fogging of the school every 2 weeks
  • Citronella oil being sprayed in class rooms
  • An Inspection by a parent committee headed by Dr Fathima Imtiaz is carried out every 10 days to coincide with the life cycle of the mosquito Clubs and societies are assigned to check different parts of the school on a roster basis
  • Drains are scrubbed and washed every evening
  • The ongoing waste management program has significantly reduced the amount of garbage in the school.

Methods to ensure your child’s safety;

However its always better to be even more careful. Therefore we would appreciate it if you as parents could take the following measures to ensure your child’s safety;

  • Please rub some repellent or natural oil on the child’s arms and legs before they are sent to school
  • Please refrain from sending your child to school if she has fever or any other illness
  • Please see that they eat breakfast before coming to school
  • Students are permitted to bring a white or light coloured long sleeved top and long pants to be worn with the uniform if they choose to.
  • If your child is recovering from dengue please see that she has adequate rest and nutrition before being sent back to school

Help contribute items to fight dengue

The school will be grateful if you could contribute the following items to your daughter’s class teacher;

  • Bottles of citronella spray for the class rooms
  • Neem (kohomba) oil
  • New or used vaporizers that can be plugged in

Please contact school or Dr Fathima Imtiaz ( regarding any concerns as it is easier and more beneficial for us to work as a team rather than on an individual basis.