Message by the Principal

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Message by the Principal

Towards 150’…. seems such a surreal phrase to me as I write this message for the soft launch of the official webpage to commence activities toward the sesquicentennial anniversary of Bishop’s College in 2025. I feel so truly honoured to serve my alma mater as Principal during a milestone era of this most prestigious Private Anglican Girls’ School.

Although recorded history attributes Bishop’s College to its beginnings in 1875, it was originally founded by Bishop James Chapman and his wife Frances in 1857 in Mutwal as Bishopsgate School. We are indebted to them for their trailblazing, visionary foresight and determination in establishing women’s education in Ceylon. After a few closures and re-locations, Bishop’s College as it was later called, began to grow and flourish as one of the most reputed girl’s schools in the country. The Sisters of St Margaret too, provided a long line of Principals, contributing to the continuation of the school. Charity and community service together with the ideals of truth, loyalty and responsibility were handed down by the missionaries and continue to be upheld by the motto; “Non Sibi Sed Omnibus”– Not for Self but for All. Bishop’s College, towards Independence and thereafter embraced the liberal and progressive thought that dominated the day and sported a modern identity towards nurturing a ‘new woman’ whilst skilfully blending it with the rich Christian traditions of the school. The aptly chosen colours of royal purple and majestic gold encourage us to maintain the high standards ingrained more than a century ago. The healthy competition between the four ‘Houses’ – Henley, Copleston, Ford and Chapman – creates an atmosphere that enables us to uphold the traditions and values of our Founders; whilst enhancing the innate talents of our girls in the fields of sport, theatre, art and music.

Today, I am reminded of my predecessors, past and present teachers, staff, students, and all those who were favoured enough to pass through these hallowed corridors, for their selfless commitment, dedication, passion, and spirit toward the continuous development of the school.

The next three years will set the foundation for a new vision – an accountable, inclusive, and diverse learning environment, that pursues academic excellence, spiritual growth, personal and sporting prowess, and most of all, one that instils values of truth, loyalty and justice to advance social consciousness and responsibility toward all God’s creation.

I extend a warm invitation to the entire Bishopian family to join me together with the 150th commemoration committee, in all the events and activities that will be organised during the next three years. I have been very fortunate to receive overwhelming support thus far and I feel assured of the same in the future. Let our BC spirit be reignited with the launch of this programme and let us further solidify the ethos of our school as we embody the 150th commemoration tagline – Bishop’s College toward 150 ‘Blessed & Benevolent!’

Thank you.

May God bless us all & May God Bless Bishop’s College!