Magazine Committee


You never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory

The Bishop’s College annual school magazine is a proud product of the yearly endeavours of the magazine committee. From the very first draft to the final print, the magazine committee meticulously pours over every minute detail, guided by staff advisors, to photograph, document, and memorialise our yearly achievements and memories.


The oldest known copy of the magazine dates back to 1918 and can be found in the College library.

Notable/ Major Achievements

The most significant copy of the magazine is the Centenary Magazine which was published in 1975 to commemorate 100 years of excellence of Bishop’s College.

Recent/ Current

The magazine committee meets virtually once a week to discuss and delegate tasks related to the completion of the magazine. 

TICs and Office Bearers

Teacher -in -Charge (English)  - Ms. Sumaiyah Ariff

Teacher -in -Charge (English)  - Ms. Madusha Fernando

Teacher -in -Charge (Sinhala) - Ms. Samitha Mahakumarage

Teacher -in -Charge (Tamil)     - Ms. Sivaranjanie Sivapalan

Editor (English)        - Anah Cassim

Editor (English)        - Inara De Silva

Editor (Sinhala)       - Vibodha Perera

Editor (Tamil)           - Abharna Udayachander

ICT Representative - Theara Hallock

ICT Representative - Sanduni Panditharatne

Photographer           - Savitha Krishnakumar

Photographer           - Inuli Seneviratne