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150 represents the steady, long journey embarked in 1875, marking the milestone of 150 years of existence in 2025. The combination of colours that contribute to the richness of the Royal Purple represents plurality, diversity and inclusivity of the student and staff body. Majestic Gold represents the hidden treasures within each individual, discovered, moulded, and refined to shine, demonstrating their unique abilities at Bishop’s College. The subtle effect of the Batik design woven into the numerical 150 is inspired from the design found on the pallu of the Hewisi Band costume. The Mitre, the ceremonial head-dress of the Bishop as the head of our beloved college, is a symbol of our ever-lasting relationship with God and the church. Blessed by the grace of God and driven by the spirit of our motto Non Sibi Sed Omnibus. Benevolent just as our founders intended. Bishop’s College, now home to many, written in Old English font, is a constant reminder that we are part of an amazing journey that will continue to touch the lives of everyone.

Our Winner of the Logo Design Competition

Nimaya Nanayakkara, Grade 14 Commerce, London.

Our alma mater will mark a massive milestone in 2025, for it will have educated and nurtured young girls into adults for 150 years. A logo competition was held among the students of Bishop’s College to commemorate this significant occasion. The winner of this logo competition is Nimaya Nanayakkara of Grade 14 Commerce London, a friend and peer. Nimaya embodies the virtues of a Bishopian as she is equally versatile in both academics and extra-curricular activities. She is the Captain of the Swimming Team, President of the Social Service Club, Secretary of The English Drama Society, Vice President of the UN Club and is an active participant in possibly every other activity Bishop’s College has to offer! She is also the Graphic Design Editor of the Media Unit. Among her friends, she is known as being the number one logical problem solver for every mess they make and for that they are forever grateful.

We interviewed Nimaya as she will be a part of history for creating the first illustration that inspired the 150th Anniversary logo of Bishop’s College.

  • What made you want to take part in the competition? 

The 150th anniversary is going to be a monumental event in our school history, so when I heard about the competition and that this will be the inspiration for all 150 anniversary related events in school, I thought of giving it a shot because it would be an honour to be a part of school history.  

  • Tell us a little bit about the logo and how you came up with it ?

When I was thinking of ideas, I wanted to incorporate all elements important to this milestone, such as the name, Bishop’s College, 150 years as well as the school motto. I wanted the logo to be simple and elegant-keeping with the spirit of Bishop’s College. I used photoshop to create this logo.

  • How do you feel about being selected as the winner of this competition?

It’s an honour as I said to be a part of this milestone. I am very happy that my logo was selected among others that I am sure were equally good.

Sarah Hashim, Shalom Martyn and Michelle Abeywardene