Local / International AL's

The local advanced level section of Bishop's College consists of grades 12, 13 and 14.

Bishop's College offers in all three mediums.

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts streams

A total strength of 40 staff members teach a studentbody of around 218.

Our focus is not just to produce exemplary students, but to produce sincere citizens and readers to the society, and humanity at large. When facing every decision the members of our staff ask themselves the following,

"What is best for our children and their progress?"

We teachers are always seeking to review, revise and enhance student achievement by improving leadership too.

At Bishop’s College, we constantly try to provide opportunities for students to participate in competitions organized by the ICHEM or any of the Colombo schools.

Nevertheless, we see the tendency of most students opting for foreign degrees rather than strive to qualify for a local university. However, Bishop’s College produces medical students and engineering students every year; not forgetting the number of students that qualify for various streams of study at local universities.

Students are always encouraged to join Clubs and societies of school, or engage in a sport to ensure that we produce well rounded individuals rather than mere academics.

"What we sow, we harvest”

To mould children the role of parents acts like the seed that is sown. This certainly sums up the role of parents in grooming children.

Please remember to:

  • Attend parents meetings.
  • Attend open days
  • Support your child to overcome the stress and fear of the A/L examinations.

Our mission is to prepare students to pursue higher education at renowned Universities across the world. The London A/L section of Bishop’s College was established in 2006. We offer Edexcel courses for our students. Even though at the beginning the scope of the London AL section was limited to Science and Commerce streams, since 2012 the section was upgraded to offer Arts subjects as well. At present, over 100 students follow courses in all three streams at the London A/L section.

This section offers numerous subject combinations for our students. The students are allowed to select one subject from each subject basket. The subject baskets are as follows.


The main strength of the London AL section is its highly qualified teaching faculty. A total of 17 teachers who posses Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, serve at the London A/L section. They are specially trained for London AL syllabus and they regularly attend for various training courses offered by the Edexcel.

London A/L section encourages close interaction of parents in student’s education. A Parents’-day is held for every term to discuss progress of the student while student’s performance in exams are being discussed at the ‘OPEN DAY’ that is held every term.

The London A/L section also conducts Higher Education Awareness Programs to provide the students with an exposure on higher education opportunities available to them. We invite representatives of foreign Universities to brief our students about the courses and the scholarships available in their Universities. Since we are a UCAS registered school, our students can directly register to the Universities in UK.