Little Friends


All girls are valued and take action to change the world.


To enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible    citizens of the world.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Dananjani Rathnayake

                                              Ms. Surathni Jayawardena

                                              Ms. Sakura Munasinghe

                                              Ms. Charuni Buddhika  

Butterfly Group         : Ms. Chamilani Ratnayake 

                                              Ms. Randima Wijesundara

                                              Ms. Radhika Dabarera


History of the society

Started by MS. Margaret Dias more than 60 years ago.

Our association helps the girls to become confident & have a high self-esteem, because the entire association revolves around the girls child who is being trained as per our mission.

Sales are organized every year for income generation. This money is used to assist less fortunate people in society in keeping with our motto “Lend a Hand”

Recent Events and meetings

Online meetings have been conducted with very active participation.

A Giant Virtual sleepover was held for Little Friends from around the country & 38 Little Friends from our school participated.

We also participated in Virtual Challenges organized by the SLGGA to celebrate Vesak, Ramazan & Thai Pongal.

Upcoming events

An International Day is being planned for the 3rd term.