Library Society

Our motive is to provide an inviting, dynamic learning environment and services that support and enhance teaching, literacy and learning to help each student excel and achieve maximum potential creating a 21st century learning environment and fostering a love of reading. Our goal is to enable students to become seekers of ideas and information that will help an interest in reading and will encourage a desire for lifelong learning while empowering students to be curious, passionate and respectful learners who explore, connect and evaluate.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Maduka Weerasekera

                                              Ms. Kanchana Nishadi

                                              Ms. Imasha  Rajapaksha

President                      : Zahra Nazar 

Secretary                      : Elizabeth Ganesh

Treasurer                     : Amra Iflal 

Past Events of the Society

2011 -

  • Junior Creativity Day was organized and washeld for grades 4 &5 on the 4th and 5th of April.
  • Welcoming of the new librarian and staff advisor, Ms. Anushka Jayasinghe.

Special acts were organized for Gr, 12 & 13 to improve their creative writing skills. The guest speaker of the day was the well known Sri Lankan actor, Mr. Ashok Ferrey.

  • The inter-school “Do You Know Quiz Competition” was organized.

The awards and certificates for the winners on library day.

  • Library week was celebrated in the first week of October.

Students from nursery to Gr.13 were given fun filled activities done in the library

2012 -

  • Planned to refurbish the Senior and Junior libraries as well as the commencement of a separate library for the Primary School.

The librarian and her assistant librarians were of great help due to their tireless efforts and enthusiasm. Special mention must be made in this regard of the Junior and Primary libraries, which were decoratively painted by the library teachers with painstaking attention to detail.

  • The society took part in “Allusion ‘12” organized by the Library Union of Wesley College.

They were commenced for their writing and acting of an original script.

  • A series of popular literary classics were screened during the first term and were continued throughout the third term.

2013 -

  • “Library Day” was hosted with the participation of a few invited schools.

The guest speaker for the day was Mr. Neil Kiriella, a well-known author, historian and researcher.

  • They visited “Logos Hope” , the world’s largest floating book fair.

Bishop’s college was the first school to visit the ship for 2013 and was invited to take part in a special programme organized for schools.

2014 -

  • A book donation campaign was organized and children were encouraged to donate books.
  • A sale was organized to raise funds for the year’s activities.

2015 -

  • A creative activity titled ‘Story Map’ was organized.

The winners of this event were Khaalisha Ilham and Aamina Hameed.

  • The annual ‘Library Day’ was held on the 2nd of october with the participation of a few           invited schools.

The Chief Guest at this occasion was Ms. Sonia Jansen, Manager of the Student Services at the British Council, who was a past pupil of our school.

  • On the 28th october about hundred students visited Logos Hope, the floating house  library in the hope of inculcating reading habits among the children of the school.

2016 -

  • Organized the first General Assembly for the year.

The students were addressed by a distinguished pats pupil of the school, Ms. Thakshila Tissera on the topic, “Reading and its Evolution”.

  • Launched ‘Mini Library’ an interactive and educative project that gives students first-hand knowledge of the behind the scenes operations of a fully functional library.
  • Donation of books and other materials, all of which was donated to St. John's Girl Home in Moratuwa.
  • Arranged for students to compete in the Island-wide School Essay Writing Competition organized by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board.

Inola Samaranayake, Kiyara Fernando and Ferroli Sylveira emerged 2nd in the Senior category, 2nd and 3rd in the Junior categories respectively.

2017 -

  • The Annual St. Margaret's Sale was held in the Trinity term.

The society organized a sale of an assortment of second hand books, spanning three days.The substantial funds collected were donated to the St, Margarett’s Convent.

  • National Reading month being October, an event was organized as ‘Library day’ on 10th of October.

Representatives of the school’s clubs and societies participated in this. Fun filled activities such as games, quiz competitions, short story competitions, a talent show and a treasure hunt.

2018 -

  • “Reach” a community service project was organized with the aim of reaching out to the less fortunate children and providing them with equal enjoyment we gain through reading.
  • On the 9th of June the society visited the Balika Home, situated in Wellawatte.

Reading books, gift packs and sanitary packages were given to every child.

  • Abook sale from Makeen Bookshop was held for 3 days in the Senior Library.
  • The trinity term concluded with the St. Margaret’s Sale hosted for 3 day period named “Used Book Sale”
  • “Once Upon A Time” a project jointly organized with the Junior Literary Association which was held on 27th September.