Nursery School

What makes the Nursery of BC unique?  We aim to be a home away from home for our students as they make their first transition into schooling. And this we achieve by being dedicated in providing then with a secure, loving and stimulating environment, where they are encouraged and motivated to be independent, self confident, to participate in decision making and laying emphasis on learning while having fun but never pushed.

All our topics and activities for the year are meticulously planned and structured valuing the child’s individuality, keeping in mind that childhood is precious, magical and pressure free. Fascinating creepy crawlies, gorgeous clothes, feathery birds, exiting nocturnal lives, contrasting colours, stunning flowers, breathtaking land formations etc. are some of our topics which are loved by all and enjoyed to the fullest.

I would like to quote Dr.Maria Montessori “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening towards, but by experiences in the environment”.

In understanding language we give our children many opportunities as possible to acquire language and literacy skills through our daily:

  • snuggle time book corner
  • circle time
  • tell me a story time
  • free play
  • shape walks
  • table games” etc.

We expand the little minds of our budding scientists by creating

  • hands-on concepts
  • ideas by planting/growing seedlings
  • weather patterns
  • investigating shadows
  • camouflage activities
  • bugs
  • the Milky Way.

We go beyond maps when exploring geographical concepts through:

  • Our field trips,
  • i spy games
  • tour of the city.

Some of our themes are based on the concepts of inclusion, equality, love and respect for individuals, elders and communities.

  • Our Grand Parents Day
  • Fathers and Mothers Day
  • Children’s Days
  • World Peace Day
  • Avurudu
  • Ramadan
  • Christmas celebrations

are arranged with these values in mind.

We explore with

  • paints
  • clay
  • design models with junk

which are proudly displayed at the “Treasure from Trash Exhibition”. Water Splashing, bubble blowing, mud painting, sand pouring, paint squirting are activities thrown in to make our journey memorable yet fulfilling.

  • Designed on a thematic approach it relates to the whole child.
  • Activities are planned to be appropriate to each child’s stage of development.
    A consistent daily schedule enables children to have confidence in the structure of their day and fosters self – directed play – the best vehicles for growth and development at this tender age.
  • The daily schedule is planned to provide a balance of activities such as Indoor/Outdoor, quiet/active, individual/group, large muscle/small muscle and child initiated/ staff initiated.
  • Importance is placed on fostering independence, self esteem, socialization, language development and being a part of a class.
  • Students are exposed to the concepts of pre-reading, counting, measuring, grouping, decision making balance, gravity, reasoning, co-operation, self awareness, empathy, patience, self expression.
  • Daily learning centers include opportunities for problem solving, cutting, writing, sorting and comparing.
  • Children are exposed to learning positional words, opposites, recognizing numerals and their number value.
  • Children are introduced to “School readiness skills” of listening to the teacher, following directions, waiting for a turn answering appropriately and being excited about the learning process.
  • Weekly they are exposed to activities in keeping with the thematic units.
  • Our special events are Moms & Dad days, concert, photographic exhibition, pyjama party, grandparent’s day.
    We are equipped with 5 brightly coloured classrooms each with a student roll of 16 – 18.
  • The heart of our programme, the staff at Bishop's College Nursery is committed to providing exceptional service to all of our students; with attention to detail, a passion for excellence, and continuing professional development.