Islamic Society

President                 -     Rishma Rizvi

Secretary                 -     Saaliha Majeed

Vice President        -     Anah Cassim

Treasurer                -     Asma Mohideen

TIC                             -   Zainab Barry

                                   -       Nasiha Ibrahim

Year The Society Was Formed


  • 1975


The vision is to develop a community who will be able to live in peace and harmony by  following the islamic virtues of life . It encourages students to build a spirit over a period of lifetime through prayers , mindfulness , meditation and charity.

Verse 46 : Surah al Anfal

And obey Allah and his messenger, and dispute not one with another  lest ye

Falter and you strength depart from you ; but be steadfast.



2019 -

2020 - Pending

2021 - Royal College Competitions


Plan for the year


 2019 -   44th Islamic Day in the form of an assembly

  • This year the 44th Islamic Day was during school hours in the form of an assembly. In Measure for safety this took place amongst the students and teachers of the school as parents weren't allowed to watch. Students participated in group songs Junior , Intermediate and Senior categories. A drama performance took place and several other entertaining activities.


Calligraphy Workshop

  • Many girls took part in this to showcase their amazing calligraphy skill and worked together in groups with other students


Religious Art Competition

Intra School Competitions


2020  - Brainstorm Session

  • Tas the first meeting where we discussed many useful ideas and made collective decisions on activity to be held throughout the year


Quran Recitation Session with the members of the committee

Reprinting of the morning recitation texts

  • The morning recitation texts were set to be reprinted by the committee so that the students will have a fresh new set of book for the morning school prayers that happens with a new grade conducting the prayers.



2021 -  Committee Meetings

  • During this meeting the entire executive committee as well as the committee members shared ideas of activities that can be performed online in order to keep interaction within the Islamic Society throughout the year. Many useful and creative ideas were discussed and will be implemented within the course of the year.


Quran Recitation Session for Muharram

  • A Quran was completed for the month of muharram as it marks the new year of the Islamic calendar. Each member of the committee including the teachers completed a chapter or more for the completion of reciting one quran.


Personal Zakat Contribution

  • A Personal zakat contribution was done by the committee and the teachers in charge along with their families


Inter School Competitions

  • Inter School competitions were heald with Royal College and other schools where our girls participated under categories like oratory, general knowledge , quirath, calligraphy ,Hiful quran etc.


Welcoming the Gade 4s

  • Grade 4s were welcomed into the Islamic Sy oas we gave them and insight to what we do within the society. A zoom session was conducted where the students from grade 5 and 6 had prepared with an activity inorder to engage the students of grade 4 into. Islamic Stories were narrated as well as religious presentations were shared amongst the student


Weekly Meetings

  • Meetings were held weekly inorder to discuss progress with the activities we planned as well as assigned each committee member with specific duties. Changes to any event to be held in the future was discussed during these meetings.


Intra School competitions

  • Due to the current situation we have planned on having our annual intra school competitions online. Where all students will get to take part . This will be done in an orderly manner where students will have a programme before the competition on how virtual competitions take place. Giving and insight on the rules and regulations to be followed. This way the students will have an active session from the comfort of their own homes.



  • Calligraphy Workshop
  • 44th Islamic Day 2019
  • Religious Art Competition
  • Brain Storm Session
  • Quran Recitation session
  • Reprinting of the morning prayer recitation texts
  • Intra School competitions
  • Personal Zakath Contribution