Islamic Society


The vision is to develop a community who will be able to live in peace and harmony by  following the islamic virtues of life . It encourages students to build a spirit over a period of lifetime through prayers , mindfulness , meditation and charity.

Verse 46 : Surah al Anfal

And obey Allah and his messenger, and dispute not one with another  lest ye

Falter and you strength depart from you ; but be steadfast.


Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Razeeka Ansar

                                              Ms. Nabeela Cader

                                              Ms. Minha Masharik

                                              Ms. Fathima Shukriya

President                     :  Husna Imtiaz

Vice President           :  Amani Junaid

Secretary                     :  Nadhiya Thahir

Treasurer                    :  Fathima Jabir