Information & Communication Technology Society


The Bishop's College ICT Society has been a pioneer in promoting Information Technology among youngsters since it was founded in 2005. Subsequently, it has been inspiring many young Bishopians to pursue and improve their knowledge of information technology and become tech-savvy citizens of this rapidly advancing, technological world. With its humble beginning, the ICT Society has come a long way; with the current membership, we thrive to bring a bright and hopeful future for our members.


To develop the foundation laid in order to give the present and future students of bishop’s college an insight into the field of IT which is currently developing exponentially.


Mission is to get more students involved with the ICT society and broaden their skills in the field of technology through interactive and entertaining workshops and quizzes.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Randima Pathirana

                                              Ms. Wimali Perera

                                              Ms. Nasiha Ibrahim

                                              Ms. Charuni Buddhika

                                              Ms. Lakshini Horanagamage

                                              Ms. Ruth Rajkumar

President                      : Nethidi  Athukorala

Vice President            : Thedara Dassanayake 

Secretary                      : Tharani Ferenando

Treasurer                     : Bagya Fernando


History of the society

1.When/Why it was formed

As the world progressed into a new technological era, the interest within the Bishopians to develop their IT skills began to grow. They were curious to understand the benefits of technology and how it affects day to day lives and eager to improve their IT knowledge which is an professional requirement for the majority of job roles in the market. From this arose the requirement to start an ICT Society.  To fulfill this requirement  College started the ICT Society in year 2005.


  • Government introduced ICT as a subject to O/L examination.


  • There were around 100 students who had started learning ICT and who sat for the O/L examination doing ICT as a basket subject. With that, students got involved in different activities related to ICT inside the school as well as participated in outside events and from this point forth, the ICT Society started to arise.


  • A digital art competition was organized by the ICT Society for the entire school to bring out the creativity and innovation of the students. It was a stepping stone to build a successful digital career for the future.

2.Notable Achievements


  • Sarah Jameel of Grade 11 was awarded the 2nd prize in the Digital Art and Animation competition which was organized by St Thomas' College Mount Lavinia.


  • A team comprising Ranika Perera, Sara Singha Laxana and Dilu Rajapakse was placed 2nd in a Business Proposal Competition organized by The Institute of Information Technology.(IIT)
  • Kaviru Samarawickrama and Amanah Mohideen were awarded merits in creative talent in the Digital Art Competition held by the Colombo International School.
  • Nuzhath Hashim was placed 3rd in the Senior category and Shazna Zarook 2nd in Intermediate category in the Digital Art Competition organized by Musaeus College.


  • Hashini Widanapathirana was placed 3rd in the Digital Art Competition of Devi Balika.
  • At the Digital Art Competition and exhibition organized by the IT Literate Generation of USA, Arthi Amunugama and Lahari Jayathileke won merit awards in Senior and Intermediate categories respectively.


  • The ICT Society recreated the school website.
  • At the St.Thomas' College ICT day, a team comprising of Ronali Senevirathna, Harini Ferdinando, Shazana Zarook, Priyanka Bastianpillai and Zainab Abdeen was adjudged the Overall Champions.


  • The ICT Society organized a Digital Art Competition in which the following students excelled:

1st place - Hashani Abeygunawardane

2nd place - Shihara Weerasekara

3rd place - Saheera Saifudeen

They were nominated to take part in a Digital Art Competition organized by the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) Sri Lanka.

  1. Major events held throughout the course


  • First project for the year was to repair computers and handing them over to the school staff and the office for their professional benefits.
  • A movie was screened in December in order to raise funds.


  • An ICT exhibition was carried out at the school level from Grade 6-13 under various exciting topics.
  • Along with the exhibition a digital art competition was organized.
  • ICT day was successfully carried out on the 20th October 2009.


  • An ICT seminar was conducted for those who were sitting for the GCE O/L examination in year 2010 and 2011.


  • The society took over the responsibility of a General Assembly on 11th The guest speaker was one of our very own past pupil Ms. Maheshika Dissanayake who spoke on Web Application 2.0
  • Quiz competition were held for Grade 4-13.
  • The ICT day “TECHNORATTI 2011” was held on the 17th of October. Chrishantha Perera was the chief-guest while CEO of E-Soft Dr.Dayan Rajapakse was the guest speaker.


  • Main goal this year was to recreate the school website.
  • The society organized an assembly during the second term. The seniors were addressed by Mr.Dhananjaya Ponnamperuma, the Head of Radio Networking and Planning at Mobitel and the juniors were addressed by Ms.Randima Pathirana.
  • The main purpose of Showing the 'Madagascar 3' movie was to collect funds for the society as well as to provide an entertainment environment for the students.


  • The inaugural ICT competition was held on 1st April in the school ICT Lab.
  • The final preliminary of IT Mastermind 2013 was telecast on ITN on 17th June and Inshira Zulfikar and Kerlin Jeyachandran were chosen to represent the school.


  • The year started off with the Combined ICT day with St. Thomas’s College Mount Lavinia which was organized by the outgoing committee. Cutting edge technologies such as Google glass and 3D printing were demonstrated for the first time on this occasion.
  • Interhouse ICT competition held in the school ICT lab. This year the competitions were held in a modern interactive format which tested both practical and theoretical IT skills of both junior and senior categories.
  • The Oscar award winning animated movie “Frozen” was screened in the school auditorium as part of the club's fundraising initiative.
  • A graphic designing workshop was held in order to give the students a basic understanding about the main aspects of graphic designing.



  • The year started off with the ICT day “TECHNORATTI 2011” organized by the outgoing committee to encourage students from many schools in Colombo to understand and broaden their knowledge in the field of technology.
  • The society organized an IT seminar alongside IIT for the students sitting their O/L examinations in 2015 and 2016.
  • Inter house ICT Quiz competition was held on the 2nd of October.
  • On the 30th of October an audio/video workshop was conducted to students who were interested in gaining knowledge about the necessary software and useful methods when using multimedia components.


  • The first initiative to broaden the knowledge of students in the fascinating discipline of science was ICT Day “TECHNORATTI ’16” attended by many schools in Colombo.
  • In February, an ICT Career Guidance workshop for GCE A/L students was conducted by the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT).
  • In the second term the society organized a Digital Art Competition.


  • The year began with the society organizing the Annual Inter School ICT Quiz Competition “Technophilia” on the 8h of February.
  • ICT society conducted a stall ‘Bits and Bites’ at October Fiesta.


  • The year began with the society organizing the Annual Inter School ICT Quiz Competition “FUTURAI” on the 26th of January.
  • The society organized an IT seminar alongside IIT for the students sitting their A/L examinations.


  • The year began with the society organizing the Annual ICT Day, ‘SUSTINERI’ on the 1st of February with the intention of creating awareness amongst the future generation pertaining to the harmful effects of improper computing practices.
  • In order to prepare the students facing A/L examinations in 2019 and 2020, the ICT society organized a seminar on ‘New trends in ICT and IOT for all the students of grade 12 and 13 alongside IIT on the 25th of February.
  • The society also organized a Certificate Designing competition and a Proposal



  • The society organized the Image Editing Competition where students from the middle school and upper school were given the chance to prove their creativity through digital technology software.

Recent events and Meetings



  • Organized the annual ICT Day, ‘SUSTINERI’ on 1st of February 2019 with intention of creating awareness amongst the future generations pertaining to the harmful effects of improper computing to avoid those.
  • Organized a Seminar on ‘New Trends’ in ICT and IOT for students facing the A/L Examination in 2019 and 2020.
  • Organized a Certificate Designing Competition and a Proposal Competition on the topic ‘SUSTINERI’.



  • Organized an Image Editing Competition for the middle school and the upper school.
  • ICT Society organized coding sessions for grade 9 students together with "tech kids". The purpose of having these sessions was to improve their knowledge about coding which will help them in different IT related activities.


2020 - Visiting the 99x Technologies



2014 - Combined ICT Day with St.Thomas College, Mount Lavinia