Health and Environmental Society

The Vision of the Health and Environmental Society of Bishop's College is to maintain the healthy and Eco friendly environment in the school premises and out side whole the mission is conducting  projects like gardening, cleanups, organizing medical checkups and other projects to achieve our ultimate vision and to inspire everyone to be more passionate and dedicated towards the environment that we live in.

The Health and Environmental Society was originated after 1998 and initiated club activities.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Theepa Fernando

                                              Ms. Sulakshana Ariyaratne

                                              Ms. Meenu Pieris

                                              Ms. Sumudu Hewawickrema 

President                      : Janithri Molagoda

Secretary                      : Jameela Jabir

Treasurer                     : Deenah Sangani

Why the society was formed

The health and environmental society of Bishop's College was primarily formed with the objective of widening the knowledge of Bishopians on current environmental issues and inculcating the importance of preserving mother nature thereby safeguarding it for our future generation.


  • In 2019 a planting project was carried out by the society in  the small area near the school refectory. The society members contributed towards this project by bringing plants, soil, compost and many other needed materials . And also stayed after school to do the planting. Maintaining the garden is also done by the society like watering the plants.
  • A visit to an Elder's home in Moratuwa and donated a few needful items. Few plants were also planted in their garden.
  • The project with the title ‘Keep BC Clean’ has been organized every year in order to maintain the cleanliness of the school.
  • A Plant Sale was organized by the society in the school to promote the planting of trees among the school students.
  • The society strived to maintain the cleanliness of the school grounds which is used for several activities including the annual inter house sports meet.
  • Field trips have been organized by the society every other year in order to experience the nature friendly environment.
  • Took part in the 'Plant Trees, Plant Life' program Organized by Diocese of Colombo At Urumiwella estate, Bulathkohupitiya, Kegalle in 2019
  • The Health and Environmental Society along with the Red Cross Society were assigned to mark and paint the arrow marks which are used as  evacuation points in the emergency situation.
  • An online project titled ‘Be Creative’ was held in which students had to create DIYs using waste materials.

Recent Events, achievements etc. of the Club (2021-2022)

  • Caladium ‘22

Caladium '22 was a joint initiative by the Health and Environmental society and the Interact Club of Bishops College in which we had to plant and maintain a herbal garden in the school premises. We collected over a hundred herbal plants from our very own students of Bishop's College.
By planting rare and threatened species of herbs we hope to raise awareness on the importance of medicinal plants at a time in which western medicine has taken a major stance.

  • Best Environmental Project 

For the best environmental project of 2021, the Health and Environmental Society organized a fashion show in which students of Bishop's College had to design fashionable attire using recycled materials. Students ranging from grades 6 to 11 eagerly took part and each gave a speech related to the theme of "Ecosystem Restoration"

  • Greenex 

Go Green was an online interactive session held with the passionate advocate for environmental welfare and eco-marketing, Ms. Otara Gunawardena. Held on the 14th of August via zoom, the discussion was held by the Global Family of Royal College in which we were allowed to discuss environmental issues with Ms.Otara. 

  • Ecoryx

Ecoryx was an innovation competition organised by the Green Circle of Royal College where the Bishop's College team was placed 3rd. The team developed an initiative to minimise plastic pollution in Sri Lanka through an app and recycling booths.
The team comprised of Mariam Imtiyaz, Yatukshii Pratheepan, Nimaya Nanayakkara, 

Umaiyall Thuraichelvan, and Deenah Sangani. 

  • Evacuation points

The Health and Environmental Society along with the members of the Red Cross Society of Bishop’s College, were assigned to mark the school premises with painted arrows that led to the evacuation points.

  •    General Assembly

The Health and Environmental Society had the privilege of organising the annual general assembly for the year 2022, for both the junior and senior categories at the main hall and auditorium respectively. Ms. Aindri Morehala and Dr.Duleka Kasturiratne graced this events as chief guests  

Upcoming events

  • The Eco Friendly environmental competition

The Annual Recycling Project of the club is carried out every year by the club where students are asked to use recycled material to make creative items. All creative items would be judged and the winner would be awarded a memorial prize at the annual school prize giving.

  • Beach Clean- up (Marine Environmental project)

This joint project by the Health and Environmental club of Bishops College and the Globe Family of Royal College, is done to preserve and protect the marine environment in the coastal beds of Sri Lanka. 

  • Health and Environmental Day

Health and Environmental Day is celebrated by the club every year to shed light on the important work of environmental health and the environmental health workforce around the world.

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