Global Spectrum

Unity in Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.

                                                                                                   -Malcolm Forbes

Our Club was formed with the intention of connecting with people who are diverse, in order to understand them and realise that it takes many different people to make the world a better place.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Virginia Thalpavila

                                              Ms. Madhuri Meepagala

                                              Ms. Bhaghya Palihakkara

President                      : Amanthi Jayasinghe

Vice President            : Avana De Silva

Secretary                      : Ruqaiya Thabreez

Treasurer                     : Ayansa Sri Ranjan

History of the society

The Global Spectrum of Bishop’s College was formed By the British Council of Colombo in the year 2005. The Club’s first link was with Limavady Grammar School in Northern Ireland in 2006 and its first president was Maheshika Mendis.

Notable Achievements

The Global Spectrum achieved the “International School Award” at the International School Award Ceremony which was organized by the British Council of Sri Lanka in the years 2009 and 2014.This was achieved with hard work from teachers and their committees in the respective years.

Global Spectrum Main Events

  • Exchange Programme

Members of the club along with the teachers-in-charge visited Limavady Grammar school in Northern Ireland and students from the link school visited Bishop’s College. This was followed by another exchange programme with two school’s, ‘Padma Odzer Choeling school’ and ‘Tattenghen school’ in Sikkim, India.

  • Dog Show

Two dog shows ‘Paws in action’ and ‘PAWS!’ were organized by the Global Spectrum together with the Sri Lanka Air Force in the years 2013 and 2018 respectively.The dog show was held in the school grounds. Along with this a photography competition was held.

In addition, Pet Shows were also organized by the club.

  • Annual Food Stall at the St.Margaret’s Sale
  • International Cuisine Competition


Members were divided into groups and were told to make an authentic dish representing the country given to them.


  • Donations

National Hospital Colombo

Two washing machines, a blood pressure machine,an air mattress, water filters, digital thermometers, clothing,wall clocks,sanitary items etc  were donated to the hospital over the years.

Sri Lanka Prison Department

Along with the Red Cross Society of Bishop’s College, stationary items  were donated to the Sri Lanka Prison Department.

Christmas Sale

A Christmas Sale was organized and the profits were used to purchase garden furniture for the ‘Gamini Matha Elders Home.’

  • Other

In the year 2016 the members of Grade 9 and 10 along with our teachers in charge visited a rural school in Kurunegala, called ‘The Gajannegama, LightHouse School’  on the 31st of May. to share our experiences and knowledge with the ‘Global Spectrum club’ in Gajannegama.

Visited ‘Mowbray College, Kandy’ for a one day programme


Visit to Limavady Grammar School, Northern Ireland.

Sikkim students at Bishops College(2017)

Visit to Sikkim,India through the Exchange Programme (2018)

International School Award- 2009

International School Award-2014

International School Award-winning 2014

‘PAWS!’ (2018)