French Club


To promote enthusiasm among students for the language and culture of France by appreciating its rich literature, history, music, and lifestyle.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Shashiprabha Liyanage

                                              Ms. Dinushika Ranasinghe

President                      : Seyara Alwis

Vice President            : Elizabeth Ganesh

Secretary                      : Sherandhi Fernando 

Treasurer                     : Rathushini Sriprabaharan


History of our club

  • The French Club of Bishop’s College was founded in 2004 as Shashi Liyanage as our founding teacher in charge.
  • The initial years of the club solely practiced annual seminars for the students reading for their GCE ordinary and advanced level
  • Our club’s first ever social event “Journée Française” (French Day) was hosted in the year 2007 by the club members under Celina Cramer’s
  • The following years’ committee made it a ritual to hold this event as it was the steppingstone to the bloom as a culturally active
  • In the past years, our club published successful works such as and ‘Panorama’ (French Magazines highlighting the rich culture and variety of France).
  • The Club successfully hosted ‘Ballade Gastronomique’ a French Food Festival in the year 2016 which made a great impression on our club’s
  • The former club members have achieved colors winning competitions at the Alliance Français de Kotte representing our school’s great
  • Honorable mentions should be given to presidents; Lakshi Attapaththu, Amaya Suriyapperuma, U.A. Udara (2012), Ranmini Bandara (2013), Dilini Perera (2015), Nilisha Subasinghe (2016), Thushini Edirisinghe (2017) and Teachers-in-charge;

Zainab Barry and Ms. Shiromi Tennakoon for elevating our Club to the next step by their driven passion for France and her marvels.

Recent Events and Meetings

  • Festival de musique de Noël (French Christmas Carols) held via YouTube during the month of December 2020 to spread the French Christmas
  • Jour de Bastille (French National day) celebrated with the club members on the 14th of July
  • Journée Cinema (Film Day) held fortnightly for the club members with the intention of improving their knowledge in the language and culture of
  • Cours de Français (French Classes) conducted fortnightly by the committee members for the students of grade six

Upcoming Events

  • Fête De La Musique (French Music Festival) planned to be held virtually in the 3rd

Pictures or Videos