French Club

Our vision

  • To promote enthusiasm among students for the language and culture of France by appreciating its rich literature, history, music, and lifestyle.


The office Bearers for the year 2021

President          – Anarkalee Ponnamperuma

Vice President – Chenuki Tennakoon

Secretary           – Sanara De Silva

Treasurer         – Pooja Devadason



Ms. Shashi Liyanage

Ms. Dinushika Ranasinghe

History of our club

  • The French Club of Bishop’s College was founded in 2004 as Shashi Liyanage as our founding teacher in charge.
  • The initial years of the club solely practiced annual seminars for the students reading for their GCE ordinary and advanced level
  • Our club’s first ever social event “Journée Française” (French Day) was hosted in the year 2007 by the club members under Celina Cramer’s
  • The following years’ committee made it a ritual to hold this event as it was the steppingstone to the bloom as a culturally active
  • In the past years, our club published successful works such as and ‘Panorama’ (French Magazines highlighting the rich culture and variety of France).
  • The Club successfully hosted ‘Ballade Gastronomique’ a French Food Festival in the year 2016 which made a great impression on our club’s
  • The former club members have achieved colors winning competitions at the Alliance Français de Kotte representing our school’s great
  • Honorable mentions should be given to presidents; Lakshi Attapaththu, Amaya Suriyapperuma, U.A. Udara (2012), Ranmini Bandara (2013), Dilini Perera (2015), Nilisha Subasinghe (2016), Thushini Edirisinghe (2017) and Teachers-in-charge;


Zainab Barry and Ms. Shiromi Tennakoon for elevating our Club to the next step by their driven passion for France and her marvels.

Recent Events and Meetings

  • Festival de musique de Noël (French Christmas Carols) held via YouTube during the month of December 2020 to spread the French Christmas
  • Jour de Bastille (French National day) celebrated with the club members on the 14th of July
  • Journée Cinema (Film Day) held fortnightly for the club members with the intention of improving their knowledge in the language and culture of
  • Cours de Français (French Classes) conducted fortnightly by the committee members for the students of grade six


Upcoming Events

  • Fête De La Musique (French Music Festival) planned to be held virtually in the 3rd


Pictures or Videos