The Bishop’s College Auditorium, a vision of the Past Pupils’ Association of Bishop’s College, became a reality with the co-operate efforts of Past Pupils, Parents, Staff and Students, all devoted to the proud heritage of the institution.
The Foundation stone was laid on the 2nd December 1986, jointly by the President of Sri Lanka, his Excellency Mr. J. R. Jayawardene and the Rt. Revd. Swithin Fernando, The Bishop of Colombo.

It was blessed and declared open by the Rt Revd Kenneth Fernando, The Bishop of Colombo on August 13th 1994.
Reservation Policy
All reservations are done through the Auditorium office:

Bishop's College Auditorium
No:11, Perahera Mawatha,
Colombo 03.
Phone: 0112391265 and 0114027232
Hours: 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

**Confirmation of reservation will be accepted with a dully filed Form, hire of conditions and payments.

Facilities of the Auditorium
The Seating capacity is for 725 (Down stairs 550 and Balcony 175), Fully Air-Conditioned hall with one air-conditioned dressing room facility and large dressing rooms with enough wash room facilities along with a VIP toilet. We intend to facilitate the differently – abled with washroom facilities in the near future. The Auditorium has a large Lobby area with attached toilets also with an extra outside toilet. The stage area is 37ft by37ft. adjoining a large prop room and a green room. The Green room could be used for serving refreshments. The Canteen will be open during show times; and ample parking freely available.
The Public performance package is inclusive of 35 Theatre lighting and Air conditioning inclusive of a stand by Generator. Under the conditions of hiring, the usage of Fire on the stage and taking and consuming food and beverages inside the auditorium is strictly prohibited. The Lobby area (30ft. by 60ft. ) could be hired separately during week days.

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The Swimming Pool was declared open in September 2009 by The Bishop of Colombo, Rt. Revd. Duleep De Chickera. The swimming pool is primarily for the students of Bishop’s College, but it is also made available to others on a restricted basis. Past pupils and their immediate family members, and immediate family members of students, staff and guests of the school may also use the pool. Formal applications should be made for the swimming facility membership and the management reserves the right to select its members for admission. A membership card will be issued. It should be produced on each occasion the swimming facility is used. The register should be signed before the pool is used. Two photographs (2x2.5 cm) should be attached to the application form.


The Library of Bishops College provides current information to its users. Our main users are the students, academic staff and the non-academic staff. The library is separated according to age groups to give students the relevant reading material and to provide a better service.

The primary library is for students between the age of 4 - 7 years. The junior library is for 8 - 13 year students and the senior library is for the 14 - 19 age group. The library supports the National curriculum in Sinhala and Tamil mediums and in English medium from grade 6 – 11. In addition it supports the London A/L Edexcel Educational programme.
From Grade 1 - 11 all the government publications (text books and teachers guides) and subject related references are available in the library. Our efficient library staff provides collaborative teaching support, information service, materials and equipment. Activity based reading encourages students to read as a hobby. It is an essential element in a child’s journey in school that the library should provide access to credible, quality library facilities and information services to support the implementation of the curriculum. These service options range from providing classroom libraries to an individual library period of 40 minutes to all these classes in an air-conditioned, fully fledged library, thus, providing circulation of books for a period of two weeks at the lending section. Past papers and periodicals are also lent for short term loans.

This approach assists the education access to high-quality learning materials; (encyclopedias, activity base reading books, audio visual materials, e-reading section, subject related videos, as well as by providing textbooks for every learner in the school.

Sri Lanka’s most popular newspapers are subscribed in all three languages for senior and junior libraries. We also subscribe to the National Geography, Readers’ Digest, world, Passages and Economics Review in all three languages. A Number of other Sinhala and Tamil magazines are also been subscribed annually.
The Library society helps the students to interact with other schools and to work as a team for different projects. Each class has class representatives (grade 6-13). The President, The Secretary and the Treasurer are selected from grade 13, they will be awarded badges in an induction and the meetings are conducted every fortnight regularly.
The book Collection includes a range of children and general encyclopedias, Science and technology books, Maps, School magazine ranging from 1919 to date, Sri Lankan collection, World and Sri Lankan History, The Literature collection , Music and art, and the Licensed stage plays for Speech and drama .

Newspaper cuttings of different topics such as world famous People, History, Science, Medicine, important places and a collection of advanced level project reports have been kept for reference.

Our aim is to provide happy reading memories to all Bishopians.

Bishop’s College has been in possession of science laboratories since very early times. But, the labs that we see today have a history of almost three decades.
Catering the A/L section, we have three separate laboratories for the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics respectively. These labs are fully equipped with material to demonstrate all practicals an A/L student should witness.
A separate laboratory is dedicated entirely to the O/L section. This lab too carries the material necessary for the O/L students carry out the practicals they come across in their text books.
Not stopping there, the middle school also has been given access to a fully equipped junior lab to ensure the younger students understand and are constantly interested in the subject

IT Labs

The ICT department, now in its 24th year of existence this year, was declared open by the former principal of Bishop's College Ms. Lindley Jayasuriya on 08/02/1999.

Currently, the department consists of 4 computer laboratories with more than 50 computers. In total 7 teachers are available to share their IT knowledge with young Bishopians.

Students from grades 1 through 5 are given the opportunity to follow the ICT syllabus designed by ICT staff while students from grades 6 to 9 follow the government ICT syllabus. The senior students are prepared for their Local GCE O/L ICT, GCE A/L ICT, GCE A/L GIT(General Information Technology)  and International A/L Edexcel IT Examinations.

The Art room is a place where you can relax your mind enabling you to bring out your creativity. Our Art room is located in the basement of the Red Corridor building. Students from grade 10 upwards visit the art room during their Art lessons. We have two experienced teachers Ms. Virginia Thalpavila and Ms. Vinodini Ratnakumar to train the students.

The school Sick Room is ready to provide health care service to all students at any time of the day. There is a nurse and an assistant. Treatments are given for common issues like fainting attacks, vomiting, abdominal pain, back ache and other ailments. A small number of selected drugs are available. In case of emergency such as head injury, chest pain or internal bleeding the student will be taken to the closest hospital.

The School Bookshop was started in the year 2004 to serve the students, parents and staff of Bishop’s College. It is managed by Mrs. Yoga Ganeshalingam a member of the academic staff. All kinds of exercise books with school covers and all stationary items are available.
The Bookshop will be open for students and parents in the morning. The timings are 7.15 – 8.00am and 10.30 – 10.50am. We accept only cash payment.
At the end of the year the Bookshop will be open for three days during the school holidays in order to issue the book pack (upto Grade 5). Opening timings will be notified in the book list.

The Uniform Shop

The Uniform shop was started to serve the students of Bishop’s College. It is managed by Mrs. Gayani Wickremasinghe a member of the non-academic staff. The shop provides uniforms (Nursery - Grade 14), ties and badges.
The Uniform shop will be open for students and parents in the morning, from 7.15 – 8.00am and 10.30 – 10.50am. We accept only cash payments.

The Day Care

The School Daycare Center is a designated area where children are cared for and supervised. Intake for the daycare will be from Nursery to Grade 5. The children are provided with lunch and tea. A change of clothes must be brought as they are given a bath or body wash daily. The children usually have their lunch and then go to the day care. They can take a rest or watch TV after a wash. There is a matron and two trained staff to look after the little children.
Interested parents who wish to enroll their child to the day care center will have to make their request in writing to the Principal. New comers to the day care may have to be on the waiting list. The fee will be Rs.10,000/- per month.

The Hostel

The hostel of Bishop’s College is a home away from home for the hostellers. Our hostel staff consists of a Senior matron, two supporting matrons, a catering matron and a nurse. The hostellers are looked after very well by our trained staff. A well balanced diet is given to all the children.
Interested parents who wish to enroll their child to the hostel will have to make their request in writing to the Principal. The fee will be Rs.20,000/- per month. An additional admission fee will be applicable with  the first payment.

The Educational Support Unit of Bishop's College works to support the children who have various educational needs, while attending their general classrooms. We have two dedicated trained teachers Ms. Shazra Zahir and Ms. Leane Senn who care, support and educate each child in this unit. The educational support unit also helps teacher's working with children in classrooms. They can bring them to see how the E.S.U works to create a learning environment where all children will be able to showcase their talents and abilities in some way. It also includes and provides physical as well as environmental learning and behavioral support to children so that they would learn to work, associate with and be more independent amongst their peers. This helps and provides support to the parents and teachers of the child.

Students could have special educational needs for example: motor skill difficulties and/or disability from birth defects. Support is provided to these students by modifying and simplifying the classroom targets. The students with special needs also have individual education plans (IEP) for each student. The IEP is a plan that has the modified classroom targets to the child’s level. The students have individual sessions at the E.S.U every week with the speech and language therapist.

Support is also offered at the school examinations by reading the paper individually to the student and giving extra time to complete the task. We sustain the students, by providing support with socialization, particularly when participating in extra-curricular activities during the school, like Primary Activity day, Sports meet, School Concerts and etc. This also bequeaths helping and assisting the child by encouraging to take part, thus building a rapport amongst the children to learn and to work together.

The teachers receive support in the form of discussions with E.S.U staff to understand the different needs of these children. The total number of students as for now at the ESU is 12, including the slow learners. We teach individually and in groups, where we have sessions in the morning and afternoon. And also there are shadow teachers for each of them to be helped when they are in class.

Parents are supported through discussions and meetings that are held once a term with the ESU staff to discuss the progress and concerns regarding their child. Children will also learn extra activities such as cookery, needle work, art and hand work, self-help skills and etc.