Western Orchestra

The Western Orchestra of Bishop’s college consists of a group of talented instrumentalists who bring different genres of music ranging from Baroque to Pop, through their passion for music.


Since 1884, when Ms. Madden was principal, music was a part of the curriculum and Bishopians were encouraged to learn instrumental music. This led to the addition of orchestral performances to the enrichment of students.

Recently the chamber group performed in Oliver’s garden opening, the fellowship and Founders Day celebration. This group does their annual presentation at the school Prize giving as well.

Pop Band of Bishop’s College

There has been a pop band tradition in Bishop’s College with the first pop band ‘Encore’ that was formed in 2017. The current pop band of Bishop’s College is named as “The 5th Fret” was formed in the year 2022.

Some of our upcoming projects include;

Prize giving 2023

Musical Concert 2024

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers
Orchestra Conductor
Nesangi Hemakumara

Sharuni Weerasinghe

Orchestra Leader

Budheesha Jayawardena (Concert Master)

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Chathuri Ranasinghe