To inspire by our work a love and appreciation for choral music in present and future generations while promoting a sense of community and mutual understanding through the universal language of music

The Carol service

The annual carol service is the major event for the choir of Bishop’s College. It is a chance for them to showcase their talents and to spread the joy of Christmas at which the choir sings a variety of Traditional Christmas carols as well as some modern selections.

Founders day

Founders’ Day of Bishop’s College is celebrated on 20th of January each year. The day is marked by a special service at the Church of St. Micheals and all Angels and led by the choir of Bishop’s College and the school Chaplain.

The Liturgy of Trinity Sunday

The choir of Bishop’s College together with the choir of S.Thomas’ College leads the Trinity Sunday Liturgy at the Chapel of the Transfiguration annually. The combined choirs of these two schools have a long history of working together and the Liturgy of Trinity Sunday is the most looked forward to.

Festival of Choirs – Royal College

This is an annual concert organized by the Western Music Society of Royal College in which the choir of Bishop’s College is invited to participate alongside a few other schools in Colombo.


The choir of Bishop’s College did a guest performance at Breit’18 which was organized by the western music society of Bishop’s College

“Toward 150” – Tour of Jaffna

The Choir of Bishop’s College toured Jaffna in February 2023 to commemorate the school’s 150th anniversary. The tour was aimed at creating a link between the Bishop’s College Choir and the Choir of Raine Mather Asirwatham Memorial Hostel. The two choirs spent two days together, traveling around the Jaffna peninsula and its landmarks. The choirs also performed a choral music program at three historical sites: St. John’s College, Chundikuli, St Mary’s Cathedral, and St. Thomas’ Cathedral, Vaddukkodai.

Upcoming Events


23rd June – Prefects’ Induction

The choir will sing at the induction ceremony of the newly appointed college prefects for the year 2023, to be held at the school Main Hall during school hours.

25th June – Music Sunday

A church service, to celebrate the role of church music in worship and the dedicated musicians who lead at RSCM (Royal School of Church Music). The service will be held at St. Michaels’ and All Angels Church Polwatta on the 25th of June 2023 at 6.00pm, where the choirs of Bishop’s College, St. Thomas’ College Mt Lavinia and St. Thomas’ Preparatory School will together, sing in worship.

19th July – Evensong

An annual church service held at St. Michaels’ and All Angels, Polwatta, to commemorate fellowship and togetherness where the college choir will sing in worship.

1st August – Festival of choirs

A festive and joyful musical evening held at the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour, Colombo. Many school choirs, including the college choir as well as other choirs in and around Colombo will perform.

19th September – Service at the Methodist Church

An event held at the Methodist Church, Kollupitiya, at which the choirs of Bishop’s College, Methodist College and Trinity College will perform.


Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers
Chapel Choir

Mr.Denham Pererira


Daphne Williams

Deputy Leader

Radini Fernando


Budeesha Jayawardene 

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Gimhani Gunasekera
Ms. Shehani Raddalgoda
Ms. Angelina Ponniah

Voce Omnibus & Intermediate Choir

Ms. Dmitri Gunatilake

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Rebecca Jebamani
Ms. Thulakshi Rathnayake
Ms. Sumeiyah Rizmi

Middle School Sinhala Choir
Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Rehka Rodrigo
Ms. Savithri Illaperuma
Mr. Thishan Liyanage

Middle School English Choir
Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Dmitri Gunatilake
Ms. Jehani Gamlathge