Thoughts on BC PPA Cricket Carnival 2023

THE FIRST EVER CRICKET CARNIVAL IN THE HISTORY OF THE PPA. Along with a very supportive President, VP and senior members we staged our first ever cricket tournament on the 11 th November 2023. Ten teams – approximately 100 players gathered around the School grounds and what a day it was !!!!

The journey leading to the tournament was interesting. We never expected such an interests, but who says ladies cannot play cricket. Certainly the Bishopians can. From deciding on the short format, to the rules, to the weather patterns, we never stepped back, our aim was to make this event enjoyable for the Past Pupils and to ensure that through their joy that we can collect some funds for school and for the 150 th Anniverssary fund.

A wonderful display of skill, every team had a plan, their own style and the final result was that we all stood up to help support a cause for the school.

The PPA and the organising committee offered stalls to many who wanted their local businesses known, the food stalls were different from the regular hot dogs and short eats. Sure the past pupils enjoyed a change of menu for lunch.

The striking names of the teams, the beautiful T shirts worn and the customised wickets especially for the tournament was unique .

Any engagement in sport convey a message to all, its not whether you won or lost it is how you play the game.

The Past pupils of Bishops college did that….enjoyed themselves thoroughly, followed the rules and gave the onlookers a taste of what we can do.

This time it is with the Bat and Ball, you never know what is next.