This was an event that recognized our seniors, the pioneers of our school. The ones who instilled tradition in us and rooted love for our great alma mater. The very seniors who helped mould the generations to come, who taught us all and lived by example. They are the reason we are here today. Their undying commitment and love to Bishop’s College and their inspiring assurance and support to the school. They are the pioneers of the Past Pupils’ Association and all its traditions that will be passed down to our children and the future generations to come. The book read was an event passionately organized and carefully put together by the ROC Committee to ensure the members had an evening of fellowship and could chatter over high tea with music and dancing. A serenading surprise lifted the spirits of the attendees when a past pupil of the school sprung a surprise and performed with her angelic voice. It was an evening of pride, stories, smiles, and a reminder of our ancestors and going down memory lane.