Festival Of Colours

Spirit of the Young Bishopians, sparked by the Class Reps Coffee Connect, brought the younger Members of the PPA to the forefront. Held on the 24th of June 2023, the Festival of Colours was a colourful success. The event brought together the Ex-Co and the younger membership of the PPA to actively work together on an exciting, colourful and different type of project for the first time. It was a celebration of food, music and colours organized by the PPA together with the Oriental Dance Society of the School. Held at the School grounds, it was something of so much significance to note on the field and off the field. The team of Bishopians’ commitment was so commendable, and iconic. They went that extra mile to make sure the day went by effortlessly, and smoothly for all who attended it. The day was filled with memories, colour, vibrance, fun, laughter and nostalgia for both young and old alike. It was an unforgettable experience and an eventful day. The proceeds from the event went towards the purchase of drums for the School Hewisi Band.