Bishop’s College Choir

The 150th Anniversary celebrations of Bishop’s College; ‘Toward 150’ began with the College Choir: embarking on a four-day tour of the Jaffna Peninsula between the 10th and 13th of February 2023. This project focused on creating a link between the choirs of Raine Mather Asirwatham (RMA) Memorial Hostel and the College Choir who were able to spend two whole days with the RMA Choristers: travelling around Jaffna and experiencing their culture with them. The bond that formed between the students of both choirs was a true testament to the power of music. Amidst the fellowship, the two choirs also came together to sing a programme of choral music at three historical sites: St. John’s College, Chundikuli, St Mary’s Cathedral, and St. Thomas’ Cathedral, Vaddukkodai.

This was indeed a very special event for the Choir. It opened them up to new experiences in life and singing that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. This tour helped them bridge the gap of differences by connecting them through their love and passion for music.