Eastern Music Society

It’s hard to find someone on earth who does not love music. Music is a sweet medium that brings coolness to the mind that is simply pleasing to the tears. Oriental music is a great solution to get rid of the busy mindset and stress under difficulties.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Teacher’s In Charge : Ms. Savithri Illeperuma

                                              Ms. Rekha Rodrigo

                                              Mr. Thishan Liyanage

President                      : Tharani Fernando

Vice President            : Amandi Ekanayake

Secretary                      : Sanugi Lokuliyanage

Treasurer                     : Yenuka Wickramarathene

Orchestra Leader      :Dinali Kularathne


Our vision is built on our belief that learning music works best when young people are making music, and when their existing passion for music is reflected and built-upon in the classroom. We want to help more youngsters to be able to access music making and encourage them to keep playing more music.


The Eastern Music Society of Bishop’s College was formed by Miss Pushpani Wijaywickrama in 2006 to develop student’s musical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Major events held throughout  the course

  •  Every year the orchestra led by The Eastern Music Society plays a major role in making the ‘Bakthi Geetha’ program a success.
  •  Since 2014 we have been visiting a nursing home once a year to fulfill their needs.
  •  Planning the society trip every two years.

Recent events and meetings

  • We were able to perform in this year’s Aurudu Celebration assembly which was organized by the Sinhala Society. We got many comments from teachers and students. (2021)
  •  Launched at Thushitha Elder’s home, Mattegoda on the 27th February 2020 to engage in social service as an association. That evening we were able to bring a smile to the faces of everyone present, including our society members.
  •  The Eastern Music Orchestra provided music for the last annual school ‘Bodu Bathi Gee’ held in 2019 along with the Eastern Music Society.  

Upcoming events

  •  As soon as school starts this year too, we plan to visit the parents in the Mattegoda Elder’s home and try to meet their needs in order to engage in social welfare annually.
  •  Our teachers and students have prepared a program to devote a great deal of a time to the further development of the Oriental Orchestra associated with the Easter Music Society.