Admissions – A/L 2025

National & International (Pearson Edexcel) Curriculum

Applications for the above will be issued online, through the school website.

Once you download the application, please fill it and along with the Grade 10 & 11 Progress Reports, post under registered cover to the school. The school address is 15, Boyd Place,
Colombo 3.

The closing date for applications will be 12 th May 2023.

A sum of Rs.1,000/- must be deposited as Admission application fee to the bank, for which details are given below. A copy of proof of payment must be attached to the application.
Bank : Bank of Ceylon

Branch: Kollupitiya (Super Grade Branch)
Account No.: 0074752991 Account Name : Bishop’s College
Bank Code : 7010          Branch Code : 034         SWIFT : BCEYLKLX

Note: Please refrain from offering financial incentives to any party to gain admission into school for your child as canvassing of any form will be a disqualification.