Western Music Society

Founded date and the founder

The Western Music Society of bishop’s college was founded by Hashini Fernando on 1995. She was the first President to build the society.

Brief History

The first event that had conducted by the society was a project called ‘’Bishopian Blast’’. It was done to raise
money to buy instruments for the Brass band and from the profits they were able to provide a piano for the
auditorium. The society had been guided by Ms. Antoinette Mendis as the teacher in-charge.

What the society does?

As a society we organized the annual assembly on the 5 th of May,2022. It was a great way to showcase the beauty of Music.

“Maestro’22” was a quiz competition which was organized by Nalanda college on the 6 th of November,2022.

An inter-school and a peace concert ‘’Euphonic’’ was a music day that was organized by Ladies’ college on the 23 rd of September,2022. As a society it was an immense opportunity to strengthen interschool bonds furthermore.

We organized the annual instrumental competition on the 16thof November,2022. The society work for the year would have been incomplete without this.

Upcoming programs

The first event for this year would be the annual Instrumental competition which will be held on the 22 nd of June,2023. And after this there will be a sale to fundraise for our society. We are currently planning on to have more events for this year.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Fiona Perera


Ahalya Pieris


Dunithi Fernando

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Taniya Alwatte
Ms. Chathuri Ranasinghe
Ms. Oshani Bastian