Western Dance Society

“Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life”


Children are encouraged to express themselves more freely and creatively via Western dancing. The benefits of dance to young people’s growth and health are numerous. Dance boosts flexibility, physical confidence, and calorie burning while also building muscles and improving balance. However, our goal is to provide students who are enthusiastic about dance with a chance to develop their abilities and display their expertise.


The Western Dancing Society’s goal is to instill a deep love of dancing together with self- assurance, self-control, and respect for the performing arts. The goal would be to be physically fit because every youngster should be fit. Being intelligent, learning choreography, and performing difficult maneuvers are all fantastic brain exercises. Be assured; our main goal is to boost dancers’ self-esteem while fostering their skill.

History of the Society

Heshara Silva served as the society’s founding president when it was established in 2016.
Girls are encouraged to learn the art of dance by joining the Western Dancing Society, and by doing so, we hope they will feel more inspired and at peace!

Major events held throughout the course of the years

  • Ananda College “Prathiba 2016”
  • 2nd of July 2017 – “Lights, Camera, Dance” organized by our school trainer Ms. Michelle Mortier
  • 11th of October 2017 – Commerce day
  • 12th of October 2018 – “Breit 18” organized by the Western Music Society
  • 4th of October 2019 – “Dwani 19” organized by the Oriental Dance Society
  • 2nd of February 2020 – “Lights, Camera, Dance 2” organized by our school trainer Ms. Michelle Mortier
  • “Surge 2021” a competition organized by the Western Dancing Society
  • 12th of March 2022 – “Dwani 22” organized by the Oriental Dance Society
Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Sofiya Hathy

Vice President

Amanda Karunanayake


Keshika Shanthan


Nethumi Peiris

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Aparna Sudasinghe
Ms. Ruwanthi Fonseka
Ms. Janani Ranasinghe