Library Society

As the Library Society, our vision is to provide a friendly atmosphere for both students and teachers to enhance learning and achieve maximum potential. Our goal is to instil the habit of reading in our students in order to encourage them to become curious, passionate, and respectful learners who seek a wide range of knowledge and ideas every day. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment, and believe that fostering a love of reading is an important part of supporting our students on their educational journey. As part of its ongoing efforts to promote reading among students, the Library Society has always conducted various projects to promote reading among students.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Safiya Hathy


Dunithma Rathnayake


Kenolee Perera

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Anupama Mallawarachchi
Ms. Maduka Weerasekera
Ms. Kanchana Nishadi
Ms. Nuwanprabha Whittall

Brief History


  • A book donation campaign was organised and children were encouraged to donate books.
  • A sale was organised to raise funds for the year’s activities.


  • A creative activity titled ‘Story Map’ was organised. The winners of this event were Khaalisha Ilham and Aamina Hameed.
  • The annual ‘Library Day’ was held on the 2nd of october with the participation of a few invited schools.
    The Chief Guest at this occasion was Ms. Sonia Jansen, Manager of the Student Services at the British Council, who was a past pupil of our school.
  • On the 28th october about hundred students visited Logos Hope, the floating house library in the hope of inculcating reading habits among the children of the school.


  • Organised the first General Assembly for the year.
    The students were addressed by a distinguished pats pupil of the school, Ms. Thakshila Tissera on the topic, “Reading and its Evolution”.
  • Launched ‘Mini Library’ an interactive and educative project that gives students first-hand knowledge of the behind the scenes operations of a fully functional library.
  • Donation of books and other materials, all of which was donated to St. John’s Girl Home in Moratuwa.
  • Arranged for students to compete in the Island-wide School Essay Writing Competition organised by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board.
    Inola Samaranayake, Kiyara Fernando and Ferroli Sylveira emerged 2nd in the Senior category, 2nd and 3rd in the Junior categories respectively.


  • The Annual St. Margaret’s Sale was held in the Trinity term.
    The society organised a sale of an assortment of second hand books, spanning three days.The substantial funds collected were donated to the St, Margarett’s Convent.
  • National Reading month being October, an event was organised as ‘Library day’ on 10th of October.
    Representatives of the school’s clubs and societies participated in this. Fun filled activities such as games, quiz competitions, short story competitions, a talent show and a treasure


  • “Reach” a community service project was organised with the aim of reaching out to
    the less fortunate children and providing them with equal enjoyment we gain through
  • On the 9th of June the society visited the Balika Home, situated in Wellawatte. Reading books, gift packs and sanitary packages were given to every child.
  • Abook sale from Makeen Bookshop was held for 3 days in the Senior Library.
  • The trinity term concluded with the St. Margaret’s Sale hosted for 3 day period named “Used Book Sale”
  • “Once Upon A Time” a project jointly organised with the Junior Literary Association which was held on 27th September.


  • ‘Makeen Book Shop’ held a discounted sale for our students on the 27th of February 2019 in the school main hall.
  • ‘The Annual Discarded Book Sale.
    An event that the society always looked forward to was held on 10th February, 2019, by selling discarded books from the school library which helped raise funds for the St. Margaret’s sale.This was also held during the year 2021 too.


  • Collaboration withe the Media Unit
    Even though the situation of our country compelled students to be within the boundaries of their homes, the committee strived to make an impact by initiating this joint project. The Library Society contributed to the school’s first E-Newsletter “The Omniscient”, by creating a segment featuring the latest books and authors to promote reading among fellow Bishopians.
  • Logo Competition
    This competition was conducted as an activity for all its club members giving them an opportunity to take part in an activity post-pandemic. Special shoutout goes to Nushara Nagaratnam for her design, as it served as an inspiration to the final logo.
  • Discarded Book Sale
    We organised a sale of Discarded books from the Library which continued for a week, which has been a tradition of our society for many years. Staff and Committee members were qually thrilled to be able to initiate this after the global pandemic situation which did not allow us to conduct it.


  • Assembly
    The Library Society organised an assembly after many years. The event was graced by the guest speaker, Ms. Purnima Pilapititya, who snatched the junior audience’s attention by speaking on the theme “It’s All About Books”, which was chosen in order to help young children discover this world of wonder. A special segment during this event was the Questionnaire session with the young Authors, Imaaya Perera and Aminthika Dissanayake who have made us all proud of their achievements.


  • Logo Launch
    The first ever logo for the Society was created through the competition that was held in the past year and was launched during assembly. It was witnessed by our Vice Principal, Ms Chrishnika Gakbadage and our dear Middle Schoolers.
  • Logo Launch
    The first ever logo for the Society was created through the competition that was held in the past year and was launched during assembly. It was witnessed by our Vice Principal, Ms Chrishnika Gakbadage and our dear Middle Schoolers.


Ongoing Projects

  • ‘The Bookaholics’
    A project organised for all students, it is in our best interest to promote reading among students as it has more pros than cons.Students will take part in bi-monthly group discussions on their favourite books.
    This year, the Committee aspires to carry on the society’s legacy, by re-establishing several projects that had been conducted by past committees. “A room without a book is a body without a soul.” – Cicero.