Karnatic and Bharathanatyam  Society


The mission of our society is to support our younger generation to build up the talents through participating in music, dance and following the traditions which are followed since many years.


Our vision is to enabling the young talented students to explicit their potential in performances and creation.


“Music” is the universal language of mankind while “dance” is the hidden language of the soul. Karnatic music and Bharathanatyam is one of the oldest and most popular forms of classical music and dance that originated in India. To recognize the importance of musicology in preserving the rich heritage of Karnatic music and Bharathanatyam, our society was established in the year of 2008 to convey the tradition of music and dance.


What are society does?

Our society acts as a platform to help students improve and showcase their abilities by providing opportunities in the events. It also represents our school in the competitions held in music and dance. Karnatic Music and Bharathanatyam dance are traditional arts which are being practiced by many artists around the world. Through this society we promote knowledge regarding music and dance to people who want to become great dancers and musicians in the future, so that more people would get inspired and the field would grow


Achievements of Karnatic and Bharathanatyam Society

  • The students of our society were placed 2 nd the in group dancing comprising of Senalda Croos, Magathi Ramkumar, Kawshalya Mahendran, Suwasthika Thuraiananthan, Vaishalini Kumaran, Umaiyal Thuraichelvan, Jayanitha Suthagaran, Jayaweena Udayakumar which was organized by Karnatic Music Society of Royal College in the year of 2017.
  • Harinisri Rameshratnam was placed 2 nd in English essay writing competition which was organized by Karnatic Music Society of Royal College.
  • Many of our girls participated in interhouse singing and dancing competition and won many places in the year of 2014.


Participation/ Events of the Karnatic & Bharathanatyam society

Our society participated in the All-Island Tamil Competition organized by the “Cathidral” church. “Salluruvilum” a stage dance was performed at the competition.


  • Our society participated in the Vani vizha organized by our School Hindu society.
  • The students also participated in an exhibition organized by the school.


  • The students of our society participated in an Interschool competition organized by Colombo Ladies College.
  • Our society participated in Interschool competitions organized by Royal College and Colombo Ladies College.

Our society participated in an Interschool competition organized by Royal College.

A workshop was organized by our society in 2015 based on Bharathanatyam and Kathakali. H.G Madushanga and Dhakshith Samaraveera were invited for this workshop to share their knowledge of dance.

Our society participated in an Interschool competition organized by Royal College.


  • “ Kalai Kathambam” a performance was performed at the Interschool Competition
  • A workshop was held on 4 th October 2017 to benefit the students of our society.


  • Our society actively participated in the Kalai vizha which was held on 22 nd
    July 2018. During this year, the chief guest for this event was Dr. Arunthathi Sri Ranganathan. A dance drama performed this year by the students of our society.
  • Our society participated in “Madhurvathani ‘18” organized by the Karnatic Music Society of St. Thomas College, Mount Lavinia which was held on 15 th September 2018.

A workshop was held on 24 th April 2020. For this event, Mrs. Kalarani Srisagantharaja was invited as chief guest to share their knowledge with the students of our society.


  • Inspired by our “Kalinga narthanam” dance, Ramakrishna mission invited our dance school to take part in the 125th anniversary of swamy Vivekananda’s arrival to Sri Lanka. This programme was held on September 24th 2022.
  • The first ever interhouse competition was held on 11th October 2022 for vocal, Bharathanatyam and instrumental categories.


Upcoming Events

  • APOORVA” Dance and Musical Production
  • Inter-house competition
Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Vaishali Sivaharan


Vaishnavyy Ramesh


Arushya Umasankar

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Jeyatheepa Sakthivel
Ms. Gaushika Ramajayam
Ms. Shukriya Darook
Mr. Rasaiah Sriskandarajah