Interact Club

Interact is a Global movement that develops constructive leadership and personal integrity of young individuals.

The Interact Club of Bishop’s College provides opportunities to broaden one’s knowledge and awareness of local and international affairs while emphasizing the importance of serving the community.


The objective of the club is to improve human well-being while assisting in the creation of a community that continually supports and cares for individuals who are vulnerable and are in need of aid.


The club is continually working to improve our society in fresh and creative ways. We prioritize making an impact on many aspects of all communities and giving the weak a voice. We represent the relevance of any act of generosity and kindness as well as the critical function of compassion.

Brief history

From its inception in 1980, through the past 41 years of service, we have prioritized social welfare and helping the vulnerable in all capacities possible while ensuring the growth of our club. The Interact club of Bishop’s college is a club of high standards which has proved its worth and capability in its long journey of 42 years in the Interact Movement, that possesses hardworking and dedicated young individuals, determined to make a difference.

The club conducts its projects under the 5 main avenues,

  • Club Service
  • Community service
  • Finance
  • Green-life
  • International Understanding
Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Sharuni Weerasinghe

Vice President

Janindi Perera


Ashalee Pathirana

Assistant Secretary

Seyara Alwis

Club Service Director

Shukriya Ghouse


Raaya Jayawardane


Imaaya Perera

Finance Director

Liana Ariyaratne

Green Life Director

Shavini Weerasinghe

International Understanding Director

Nelini Jayasuriya

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms.Rajitha Kulasekera
Ms. Anjana Fernando
Ms. Suhasini Sendooran
Ms. Surathni Fernando

Club Service


The installation ceremony is a ceremony organized by the members of the Club where the outgoing board of the club are thanked for their service and bid farewell to the club as the incoming board takes on their new roles and responsibilities as they pledged to maintain the standards of the club.

Religious quote & book and movie review

The religious quote is a project that enables the enrichment of the club members’ understanding of all religions, their beliefs and core concepts. The book and movie review are also done to enhance the bond of friendship among club members through recommendations and review of their favorite books and/or movies.

The Club logbook

The logbook of the Club is made and maintained to have a catalogued and organized history of the club’s projects and events.

Community Service


“Abstract” is an annual community service project, jointly organized by the Interact Clubs of Bishop’s College and Royal College. Abstract took place on the 1st of April at the Royal College Junior grounds and the MAS Arena from 9am onwards. This project is a festival full of fun and games for underprivileged children and the theme for this year was ‘Sri Lankan Cartoons ‘


“Ottrumai” is an annual community service project organized by the Interact Club of Bishop’s College. This year, members of the board and Project Committee visited three children ‘ s orphanages in Batticaloa and engaged in fun games and activities and made donations to support them, with the goal of creating lasting memories for the children to cherish for years to come.


“Avail” is a community service project initiated by the Interact club of Bishop’s College, which was conducted in two phases this year. Phase one of “Avail’22” took place on the 20th of December at the “Tudawe Child Development Centre ” in Wadduwa. A Christmas party, which consisted of fun and interactive games, singing, dancing and distribution of gifts was organized.
The second phase was carried out on the 19th of January 2023 and was carried out with the purpose of donating stationary supplies for the children of the members of the support staff of Bishop ‘ s College

White elephant stall

The white elephant stall was conducted on the 28th of September following the white elephant sale. The profits gained from a sale conducted at Bishop ‘ s College for the staff and students during the Interval where we were able to collect a sum of Rs.21,000, were used to purchase lunch packets and ice cream for the support staff of our school. Additionally, bags, sarees, cloth bags etc. were donated.

Bid for lives

“Bid for lives” is an annual community service project where club members make creative handmade items and the staff and students of the school bid for these items with dry rations and sanitary items which are donated to the support staff of our school. This project was conducted on the 17th of May 2023.

Meals for smiles

“Meals for smiles” was a project jointly organized by the Interact Club of Bishop’s College and the Interact Club of Colombo which took place on the 8th of October 2022. A PR campaign was conducted to collect funds in order to purchase food packs for CMC workers in Colombo and the children of ‘Vajira Sri Children ‘ s Development Centre ‘ 200 packets of food were purchased with the donations of Rs.61,000 received, The packets were distributed by the Interactors of both clubs.


Carefree ’23, is a sanitary napkin dispenser project initiated to make sanitary napkins freely available to all students of Bishop ‘ s College
The project consisted of two phases:
Phase 1 – A PR campaign aiming to spread awareness regarding gender bias, sexual harassment, and basic female rights through a series of posters and video segments shared among the students of the school.
Phase 2 – Sanitary Napkin Dispensers were installed within the school premises and was accessible to all students

Green Life


Project Ecosnap was a photography competition and exhibition under the avenue of Green life. The project was held on the 14th of September at the Kindergarden hall of our school. Ecosnap was held under the theme ‘ urban living ‘ and each category received a different subtheme. The project was concluded successfully with a total of 80 submissions.


Band Heroes

“Band heroes” is a project featuring amateur bands and various guest performances for a night of entertainment and excitement with the end goal of raising funds for the Club and its other club activities.

international Understanding


GlobeTrotter ’23 is an annual project jointly organised by the Interact Clubs of Bishop ‘ s College and St.Josephs College under the International Understanding avenue for the 18th consecutive year. The project took place on the 18th of June at St. Joseph’s College under the theme for this year: ‘Disney


Masterminds is an annual project organised by the Interact Club of Bishop ‘ s College under the avenue of International Understanding. Masterminds ’23 ‘An Evening of Colour ‘ was held on the 06th of March from 2.30 pm onwards at the College Main Hall. The project included fun games under the theme of Bollywood.

IU food and music fest

IU Food & Music Fest’23 was a project done by the Interact club of Bishop ‘ s College under the International Understanding Avenue. It took place on the 9th of March at the college ‘ s Main Hall. All club members were divided into 6 different teams to represent a country and create a dish, sing a song, decorate their own country corner and dress up a mascot relating to that specific country.

Upcoming Projects


“Globetrotter” is an annual International Understanding project jointly organized by the Interact Clubs of Bishop’s College and St. Joseph’s College allowing interactors of various schools to bond and enjoy themselves through friendly competition in a series of several games whilst enhancing their knowledge of diverse cultures. The theme for this year is “Once Upon a Time”.


Extricate is a new initiative done under the community service avenue. The Interact Club of Bishop ‘ s College donated medicine worth of Rs.30,000 to a missionary hospital – ‘Denipitiya Medical Mission ‘ in Mathara. Funds necessary for this project were collected by conducting a sale during the Annual Swimming Meet.

Club Day

Club day is a project that falls under the avenue of Club Service. The primary goal of this initiative is to provide opportunities for interactors from our school to bond and create strong relationships through various games and activities.