General Knowledge Club

The General Knowledge club aims to develop an interest in the world around us among students. Throughout the various quizzes and workshops we organize, we hope to improve the observational capacity and critical thinking of our members, while also proving that wisdom can be gained while having a little fun!


The General Knowledge Club of Bishop’s College was established in 1998, but the tradition of quizzing in Bishop’s College goes back to the 1950s. During weekly lessons for girls in the Polwatte area, older girls suggested the inclusion of ‘General Knowledge’ to enhance children’s awareness of current affairs. In 1959, an entire panel of Bishopians participated in a quiz competition held by Radio Ceylon. In 2007, the club started “Brainwave,” an inter-school quiz competition that has been organised continuously for 15 years. In 2019, the club initiated “The Triangular Quiz” in collaboration with St.Thomas’ College and Wesley College, where the winning school took home the ‘Trident Challenge Shield.’ The General Knowledge Club of Bishop’s College looks forward to continuing these traditions for many more years to come.

Recent events


TCS’20 a annual Triangular quiz initiated by Bishop’s College, St.Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia and Wesley College took place in January 2021 for the 3rd year, with our alma mater hosting for the first time. St.Thomas’ College emerged champions and the Bishop’s College B team emerged 2nd runners up in this event.


Brainwave is an annual General Knowledge quiz competition organised by the General Knowledge Club of Bishop’s College. Brainwave was conducted for the 15th consecutive year on the 28th of October 2022 where the quiz team of Royal College Colombo emerged victorious.


The General Knowledge Club of Bishop’s College organises an Inter-house General Knowledge Competition annually, where the four school houses compete in a fun and exciting round of questions in order to win the competition.

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Mind-Fizz Quiz
Mariam Imtiaz, Husna Imtiaz and Vaishalini Kumaran from Bishop’s Team A emerged 2nd runners up at Mind-Fizz, the first ever quiz competition organised by ChokoLAATe.

Blue and Gold Quiz- Royal College
Blue and White Quiz- St. Joseph’s College etc.

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