English Literary Union – Junior

Our Vision and Mission

The Junior English Literary Association of Bishop’s College has it’s vision and mission to develop skills required to facilitate the advancement and progress of  English Literature and the English Language as a whole inculcating the necessary skills through fun activities which will allow the present Junior Bishopians to one day SHINE in their chosen fields, through the proper use and knowledge of the English Language acquired from school and to enjoy works of good literature throughout their lives. It organizes fun and educational activities to keep the juniors interested in the language.

History of the society…

The Junior English Literary Association was introduced in the year 2011. The very first President of the society was Shawnae Algama. The first teacher in charge was Ms. Manjula Mohinani. Thereafter Ms. Malsirini de Livera took over the responsibility of teacher in charge from the year 2016 up to date. During the tenure of the President, Vidara Dasanayake in 2018 Junior English Literary Association was nicknamed as J.E.L.A used as an abbreviation.

Past Presidents…

2011 – Shawnae Algama
2012 – Yashera Raddalgoda
2013 – Hiruni Cooray
2014 -Nuha Cassim
2015 – Sandeepani Jayasinghe
2016 -Hashani Abeygunawardene
2017 -Tiara Ganegama
2018 -Vidara Dassanayake
2019 -Ashenka Sumanapala
2020 -Shemali Abeygunawardene
2021 – Dahamdee Madanayake
2022 – Dinara Kumar

Major Events…

As a tradition the Junior English Literary Association has taken the responsibility of conducting a General Assembly for school throughout the years. The Amazing Race and also the Street Drama has turned into a tradition that are enjoyed by the students. “Once Upon a Time” was a joint project with the Library Society in the year 2018 which was organized to appreciate English Literary texts in an enjoyable way. The Covid Pandemic that came up in 2020, didn’t stop the association being active. Committee meetings and many interactive activities have happened virtually from 2020 and is being continued up to date.

Recent Events…

2023 – J.E.L.A Trivia Day
The Ultimate Pursuit ‘In search of Answers’

Past Events…

2022 – Introduction to the Junior English Literary Association
J.E.L.A Game Time (virtual)
Poetry Evening ‘22

2021 – Poetry Evening ‘21
Roald Dahl Day
Christmas Spirit

Upcoming Events…

•  Debating Workshop

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Nelara Hewawickrama

Vice President

Thishakya Silva


Senuri Karunaratne


Emiliya Rajakumar

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Malsirini De Livera
Ms. Wendy Thenuwara
Ms. Chathurka Jinasena