English Literary & Debating Union


Our vision is to see students have a growth in terms of literary understanding and have an appreciation for the avenue. Our mission is to bring a better understanding of English Literature to the students of Bishop’s College.


The esteemed English Literary Association, a vibrant community of literary enthusiasts, was established in the year 1970. With a rich history spanning over five decades, our vision is to foster a deep appreciation for the beauty and power of the written word. Through a wide range of competitions and activities, we aim to nurture a love for literature while celebrating the talents of budding writers.

At the heart of our association are the annual competitions that showcase the diverse creative abilities of our members and other fellow students. The English Literary Association offers an array of captivating competitions to inspire and showcase the diverse talents of its members. From the enchanting realms of the Short Story Competition, where imaginative narratives come to life, to the Poetry Writing Competition that embraces the lyrical essence of language, participants are invited to weave their literary magic. The Essay Writing Competition provides a platform for intellectual discourse, while the Knowledge of Shakespeare Competition delves into the timeless works of the Bard, unraveling their intricacies. For those who crave creative freedom, the Creative Writing Competition encourages exploration of various genres. The English Oratory Competition hones the art of persuasive speaking, while the Spelling Bee Competition tests linguistic prowess. Lastly, the English Extempore Competition fuels spontaneous storytelling and quick thinking. These competitions foster a vibrant community of literary enthusiasts, fostering growth, expression, and celebration of the written and spoken word. Each year, our members eagerly participate, seeking recognition and the chance to have their literary prowess acknowledged by esteemed judges and fellow enthusiasts.

Our association has flourished over the years, bringing together individuals who share a passion for literature. We host such competitons and have carried out projects throughout the years, providing opportunities for intellectual growth and artistic exploration. Moreover, the Debating Circle in our Association operates in parallel, providing a platform for members to engage in intellectually stimulating discussions, challenge ideas, and sharpen their argumentative skills, fostering an environment of critical thinking and spirited exchange.

With the founding year as our guiding star, we continue to champion the power of literature to inspire, challenge, and connect. Our association serves as a haven for bibliophiles, where literary brilliance is nurtured, and creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re a budding writer, an avid reader, or simply someone who appreciates the written word, the English Literary Association invites you to join us on this captivating journey of literary exploration.

Teachers In Charge and Office Bearers

Samayyah Tahir

Vice President

Amra Iflal


Nabeela Jabir


Ineka Perera

Debating Circle Captain

Chrishelle Perera

Vice Captain

Deenah Sangani

Teacher’s In Charge

Ms. Shiromi Tennakoon
Ms. Maheshanie Alwis
Ms. Rasangalee Polgampala
Gr 10 English Teacher