Non Sibi Sed Omnibus


තමහට නොව සැමහට

ஒருவருக்கு அல்ல ஆனால் அனைவருக்கும்


To be a dynamic, academic institution for girls governed by a transparent and accountable structure that respects diversity and produces balanced, socially responsible, multifaceted women with the ability to face the challenges of a continually changing world.


To pursue the highest standards in academic excellence, social integrity, personal skills and sporting prowess within a framework of spiritual values, community and respect for diverse culture and discipline

Dear Parents, Students, Past Pupils and Well Wishers,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school website. As one of the oldest private Anglican ‘day and boarding’ schools for girls established in 1875, Bishop’s College strives to provide a well-rounded education for all our students. Borrowing from our rich Christian heritage, we offer all those who come through our doors, an inclusive and holistic learning experience, imbued in a culture of tradition, charity and diverse yet united community.



We aim to be a home away from home for our students as they make their first transition into schooling.

The primary community which spans from grade 1 to 5, boasts of 600 plus energetic 6 to 10 year olds.

The middle school section of Bishop’s College consists of grades 6, 7, 8 with total of 432 students.

We have great pleasure in welcoming you to the G.C.E. Ordinary Level section of Bishop’s College.

The local advanced level section of Bishop's College consists of grades 12, 13 and 14. Bishop's College offers

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Measures taken to prevent Dengue. If you are a regular attendee of the PTA meetings, you will know the measures taken by the school in order to keep our premises free of this dreaded mosquito.Click to read more...

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What Bishopians say about Bishop's College

Tisari Vidanagamage

Head Girl 2022
14 idyllic years of growth, invaluable memories, friendships to last a lifetime and teachings that will aid you to succeed in every aspect of life; this is undoubtedly the story of every Bishopian. The journey a little 5 year old embarks upon from the moment she steps into the safety of our school till the day she steps out to the society as a well rounded young woman replete with humility, gratitude and sheer grace, is beyond extraordinary. With merely 8 months of school life left to go, it frightens me to think that I will no longer be able to return to my safe haven every day. The pride we feel when we see the purple and gold flag soaring high, owes to the fact that our Alma Mater has been a place of love, security and comfort for each of her girls. Our school surpasses the stereotypical educational institute as our education is not merely limited to textbook theories but also includes teachings of integral principles of life. At Bishop’s College, we are taught to see the beauty in diversity and to embrace our differences by always acting on the foundation set by our motto, “Non Sibi Sed Omnibus”. The equitable ways of life, values of kindness, generosity and selflessness imparted unto us during our time at Bishop’s College will most certainly stay embedded within us forever, being our guiding light during trying times. Bishop’s College is home for all her staff and students, a magical universe of positivity, acceptance and growth that enables each of its residents to form an identity of their own while being rooted in traditions and a rich culture of nearly 150 years. The power of a Bishopian is unparalleled and the greatest honour for each and every student of the purple and gold realm is being recognized as a Bishopian. I believe it is my privilege and luck that enabled this honour to be bestowed upon me as indelible, joyous memories closest to my heart have been formed within the secure walls of my Alma Mater as we strive to serve and repay her for her kindness and support, to the best of our capabilities. What makes our school so incredibly unique is that it stores the story of thousands of Bishopians, both past and present, by allowing each student to leave her own golden mark, thus creating an impeccable and unforgettable legacy. As I ponder over what I could contribute to enrich this legacy, the only thought that crosses my mind is to sprinkle a hint of my own gold dust to our canvas which will forever bleed purple, in the hopes of encouraging several other young Bishopians to do the same!
A school is not merely a place where one receives a formal education, but an enlightening experience where one learns and discovers themself. 13 years ago, stepping into Bishop’s College unaware, I too was a fresh canvas of a little girl. Since then my Alma Mater guided me on a journey governed by a rich blend of tradition and culture, based on the spiritual and communal values of Christianity, within a framework of self-discipline and integrity. Bishop’s College took me under her wing, along with many young girls of different religions, races and ethnicities, and taught us all that our strength lies in the unity of our differences. She helped us embrace and accept each other, look up to one other with respect and admiration. Through her governing framework, Bishop’s College values fairness and impartiality, encouraging her children to stay attuned with others, through empathy to lift each other. Our motto, ‘Not for self but for all’ imparted through word and deed in the classroom as well as the playground, teaches us a lesson of humility and selflessness followed by an overall sense of thankfulness, and it will surely echo in our hearts far beyond the walls of this prestigious institution. 13 years later today, I am truly thankful as Bishop’s College taught me to write my own story, to discover a balanced modern identity rooted in morality, responsibility and gratitude, to be part of a purposeful generation of humanity.

Ulindu Fernando

Head Girl 2021